Why Are Bumblebees Particularly Fond Of Lavender?

26 July 2017, 16:27

Bee on Lavender
Picture: LBC

This caller's neighbour often has swarms of bumblebees all over their lavendar, yet other bees tend not to be bothered by it.


Why are bumblebees particularly attracted to lavender?

David, Enfield


Bumblebees are attracted to colour, and see in ultra-violet light so are often attracted to lavender as a result. The reason that honeybees and other species tend not to be bothered by it, is because of their general lack of numbers in comparison to the bumblebee. Different bee species also have different lengths of toungues and therefore can only access different types of plant.

Anna, Potters Bar

Qualification: Amateur entomologists and a love of bees.