Why Do We Clink Glasses?

12 June 2018, 16:14

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Mystery Hour Question



Name: Lee, Thessaloniki, Greece

Qualification: Told by his wife, who is Greek

Answer: Clinking the glasses comes from the Ancient Greeks. It was about not leaving any of the senses left out of the drinking experience. Hearing was the one sense left to be excited.

Name: James O Brien

Qualification: Told by his 12 year old

Answer: When glasses clink the drinks get mixed together and this shows you’re not poisoning your drinking partner.

Name: Ronnie, Eltham

Qualification: Came up in conversation with his instructor

Answer: Pirates would clink them together after they’d successfully stolen treasure to show that they were both drinking to avoid stealing each other’s share.

Name: Mike, High Wycombe

Qualification: Saw it on a history program

Answer: It comes from mediaeval times, when neighbours feuded. They would clink glasses together so that your mead would share into neighbour’s glass and show unity.