Self-Confessed White Nationalist Insists He Is Not Racist

27 October 2017, 16:39

“A lot of us believe that every race around the world is entitled to thrive and achieve excellence in its own way as long as it's not to the detriment of any other,” said this caller.

After considerable exchanges Shelagh said she wasn’t convinced he had done enough to convince her he wasn't racist.

But he insisted: “No that's fine and again I'm not."

"I can understand that but I will tell all your listeners out there that no matter what colour you are I don't dislike you based on the colour of your skin.

"If you stand next to me and as proud of British values and as proud of our history and as proud of going forward together as I am then you're as British as I am.”

Speaking on LBC he said: “There is actually a split in our movement, so you do have a group of people that describe themselves as ethnic state nationalists and these are people that do genuinely believe that multiculturalism or multi-ethnic society is not working for them.

"They actually would like to see the country return to what they would consider, not me personally, but that section do consider that the country should return to being an ethnically white country.”