Stop Going On About The Gender Pay Gap, It Doesn't Exist: Ian Collins

1 August 2017, 08:12

This is Ian Collins' demolition of the idea that there is a gender pay gap.

The LBC presenter says there is a simple reason that men earn more on average across their working life than women - women take a number of years off to have children.

Ian dismissed the idea that employers pay less if they offer a job to a women.

He said: "You hear that women earn X-times less than men and you think 'That's outrageous. So you go for a job and it's advertised at £25,000 a year. The guy gets 25-grand and if a girl turns up, she gets 20?'.

"Oh no, it doesn't work like that.

Ian Collins in the LBC studio
Ian Collins in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"Over a LIFETIME, he will earn more than her. Why? Because she will take on average seven or eight years off because of having children.

"So they are actually paid the same.

"Why are people banging on about gender gaps? There isn't one, not in that respect."