Facebook confirms Donald Trump's account has not been reactivated

3 June 2021, 12:16

No, Donald Trump's Facebook account was not reactivated
No, Donald Trump's Facebook account was not reactivated. Picture: PA

By Emma Clarke

Scores of Twitter users have been threatening to boycott the social media platform after rumours circulated online that the former US President's Facebook and Instagram accounts had been reinstated.

Facebook has shut down claims that Donald Trump's accounts have been reactivated, after photos of the property mogul's now-dormant pages started doing the rounds on social media.

In response to one of the claims made on Twitter, the company's Policy Communications Director Andy Stone wrote: "No. Nothing about the status of President Trump's presence on our platform has changed."

Stone added: "He remains indefinitely suspended."

Trump's posting privileges were removed back in January, after a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington D.C.

Disputing his election loss, Trump supporters entered the building and attempted to disrupt the joint session of Congress, who were gathered to count electoral votes and formalise Joe Biden's win.

In addition to seizing the building, the rioters caused millions of dollars' worth of damages on that infamous day of January 6. Many were injured and a total of five people were killed (a police officer was beaten, a rioter was shot and three others died during the rampage).

At the time, Donald Trump called the rioters "great patriots", before making a televised announcement on the attacks on the Capitol building.

"I know your pain, I know you're hurt," he said, "We had an election that was stolen from us."

Trump then went on to comment: "We love you, you're very special. We've seen what happens, you see the way the other are treated that are so bad and so evil. I know how you feel," before adding, "But go home, and go home in peace."

In response to the riots and the outcry from the public, social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Instagram then froze Trump's accounts.

What that meant in reality was a posting freeze. His existing posts are still visible and people can still comment on them, he just can't publish any new content.

Last month, the Los Angeles Times aptly described it, a "weird internet memorial".

So there you have it, Donald Trump is not back on social media, and Facebook has no plans to reinstate the account.