Searches for ‘Christmas party cancellations’ and ‘Covid passes’ triple on Google

15 December 2021, 13:04

Google search open on smartphone
“Should I cancel my Christmas party?” was among the top trending Google searches from Monday to Tuesday this week. (Andrew Matthews/PA Wire). Picture: PA

Recent trending searches include ‘how do I volunteer to help with booster jabs?’, according to Google figures.

Searches for “should I cancel my Christmas party?” and “Covid passes” tripled in the 24 hours between Monday and Tuesday, according to new data from Google Trends.

Covid passes have recently become law in the UK as 369 MPs voted for the introduction of Plan B, a set of measures to stem the spread of the Omicron variant, in the Commons on Tuesday.

Google also released a list of the top trending questions on boosters, including “how do I volunteer to help with booster jabs?” which was up 1,100% from Monday to Tuesday, as well as “how quickly does the booster jab become effective?”, which searches for increased by 685%.

Coronavirus – Tue Dec 14, 2021
Google Trends showed that ‘how to volunteer to help booster jabs?’ was the leading breakout question on boosters between Monday and Tuesday (PA)

Searches for “how many booster jabs yesterday?” and “how long do I have to wait for a booster jab?” rose by 1,135% and 515% respectively.

The breakout trending questions on coronavirus’s new variant were led by searches for “how old was the person who died from Omicron?” and “was the person who died of Omicron vaccinated?”.

Google also revealed that “incubation period for omicron” has been searched more than eight times more over the past seven days than the week before in the UK.

The search engine disclosed some of the most popular “should” questions from the last 24 hours as “which booster should I get?” and “when should I get a PCR test?”.

Sajid Javid in House of Commons
Covid passes are now law in the UK after MPs voted for the Government’s Plan B restrictions in the Commons on Tuesday (PA)

They were succeeded by searches for “how long do I have to wait for a booster jab?” and “is Moderna better than Pfizer?”.

Trending questions on Plan B only one hour after the vote included “what is plan b?”, “who voted against plan b?” and “how did my MP vote today?”

Here are the full lists of figures from Google Trends.

Top trending questions on Omicron between Monday and Tuesday in the UK:
1. Who died of Omicron in the UK? (Breakout search)
2. How old was the person who died from Omicron? (Breakout)
3. Was the person who died of Omicron vaccinated? (Breakout)
4. Where was the Omicron death? (Breakout)
5. How to find out if you have the Omicron variant? (Searches increased by 1,855%)
6. How long does Omicron take to show symptoms? (1,385%)
7. How many people have died from Omicron in the world? (875%)
8. How is Omicron affecting other countries? (550%)
9. Will a PCR test detect Omicron? (435%)
10. How many UKOmicron cases are there? (425%)

Top trending questions on boosters between Monday and Tuesday:
1. How to volunteer to help booster jabs? (Breakout search)
2. How many booster jabs yesterday? (Searches increased by 1,135%)
3. How quickly does the booster jab become effective? (685%)
4. How long do I have to wait for a booster jab? (515%)
5. Is Moderna booster better than Pfizer? (415%)
6. What happens if you get booster when you have Covid? (410%)
7. How long after the 2nd jab can I get the booster? (325%)
8. How to cancel the booster jab? (240%)
9. Is AstraZeneca being used as a booster? (210%)
10. How good is the Moderna booster? (135%)

Trending questions on Plan B, one hour after the vote:
1. What is plan b?
2. Who voted against plan b?
3. How did my MP vote today?
4. What are the plan b restrictions?
5. When does plan b come into effect?
6. Who voted for plan b?
7. What is plan c?
8. Is plan b lockdown?
9. When does covid plan b end?
10. How did Jake Berry vote?

Most searched “should” questions between Monday and Tuesday in the UK:
1. Which booster should I get?
2. When should I get a PCR test?
3. How long should I wait to get the vaccine after having covid?
4. Should I get a booster shot?
5. When should I self isolate?
6. Should I get the covid vaccine?
7. How long after exposure to covid should I get tested?
8. How often should I do a lateral flow test?
9. What should I do if I test positive for covid?
10. When should I get my booster shot?

By Press Association

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