Eight Ways To Get More Work Done On The Train

24 February 2019, 23:59 | Updated: 7 March 2019, 10:08

You can get lots of work done on the train
You can get lots of work done on the train. Picture: GWR

Travelling by train gives you a great chance to get lots of work done while you travel. With free Wi-Fi as you go, there are no excuses for not clearing your inbox or perfecting that presentation, so you can arrive ready.

To help you on your way, we’ve picked out eight things to try out that could help you be more productive on your business journey.

1. Write a to-do list
A to-do list is a great way to stay on top of your workload and feel more proactive. Use your morning journey to compile a daily to-do list for the day ahead and then see how much you’ve achieved on your way home.

2. Plan how long you spend on each task
Your train journey is the perfect time to get all those little niggly things off your plate but it’s important to not spend too long on each task. Plan how much time you want to spend on each item on your list and move on once that time’s up. That way you’ll get ahead on each of those things even if a few things are left to complete once you get into the office.

3. Noise-cancelling headphones
You’re getting lots done, then a noisy couple comes to sit next to you. That makes noise-cancelling headphones essential. Get anything from subtle in-ear buds or bigger over-the-ear headphones with noise-cancelling technology and you won’t even notice anyone else.

4. Brainstorm or problem-solve in peace
If you work in a creative role or have some serious challenges to tackle, take advantage of the fact you have no work-related distractions while on the train to do some brainstorming or problem-solving. Plus, with noise cancelling headphones on you’ll be able to block out any chatter from your fellow passengers too.

It's easy to get work done without distraction on the train
It's easy to get work done without distraction on the train. Picture: GWR

5. Silence your notifications
If you want to make the most of your travel time, silence any notifications that aren’t directly related to the tasks in hand. It’s so easy to be distracted by texts, incoming calls or emails, so silence any that you don’t need.

6. Invest in a suitable laptop bag
When traveling to and from work, you’re going to need something to carry all your gadgets and paper work in. Invest in a laptop bag that is suitable - and stylish, with laptop and iPad compartments, numerous pockets for paperwork and somewhere to put your charger. There’s nothing worse than settling in for a two-hour journey to realise you’ve left that important document or charger at home.

7. Email Efficiency
A train journey is the perfect time to sort through your emails. Spend a bit of time going through your emails as you get going or archive the ones that aren’t urgent. This way, by the time you get to work you won’t have to frantically catch up on your emails the second you sit down at your desk.

8. Take a break
Research shows that people’s attention spans start to slip after 25 minutes, so make sure you give yourself regular five-minute breaks. Carrying a book can give you time to get away from work – which will make you focus more when you get back to it.

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