Caller Says UK Is Too Soft On Criminals… Proposes Public Floggings

25 July 2017, 12:55

Rick from Mansfield thinks Britain has gone too soft on criminals… so he wants all convicts flogged in town centres as a means of “proper punishment”.

The outlandish suggestion left Nick Ferrari at bit taken back as the fiery caller embarked on a monumental tirade.

He phoned up with suggestions on how the country can put a stop to a rise in acid attacks.

Nick Ferrari
Picture: LBC

Rick didn’t think a register for those who own noxious substances was fair on the people who have a genuine use for them.

“If I want to unblock my drain why should I have to go on a register to use something innocently,” he thundered.

Rick also thought prisons were not tough enough for criminals, but stopped himself describing them as a holiday camp “because that’s a cliche”.

So, he came up with a more extreme form of punishment: “Put them in a town square and flog them.”

A bit shocked by the remark, Nick questioned whether Rick had gone a “bit over the top” adding “we can’t stop flogging them in town centres”.

Undeterred, the caller fought on: “Why not?”

Watch the impassioned chat at the top of this page.