Professor who predicted last 13 US election results says Joe Biden will win

3 November 2020, 23:30 | Updated: 5 November 2020, 15:15

By Kate Buck

A Professor who has correctly predicted the results of the last 13 US Presidential Elections has said Joe Biden is set to clinch victory and take the White House.

Professor Allan Lichtman correctly predicted Donald Trump's victory in 2016, but says he is set to lose tonight and go down in history as a one-term President.

The historian and American University professor said his system of "13 Keys" will determine who will walk away victorious after months of campaigning.

Professor Lichtman told LBC: "The 13 Keys gauge the strength and performance of the party holding the White House.

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"They look at mid-term election results, internal contests for the party holding the White House, whether the sitting President is running, third parties, long and short term economy, social unrest, scandal, policy change, foreign policy successes and failures and only two keys have anything to do with the candidates and they ask whether the incumbent or the challenging candidate are those rare once in a generation charismatic candidates.

"The way it works is if six or more go against the party holding the White House they are predicted losers.

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"At the end of 2019 Trump only had 4 of the keys out against him, two short of a predicted defeat but then we got his botched response to the pandemic and the cries for social and racial justice and that cast him three more keys."

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"Never in history if the US has the party holding the White House suffered such a sudden an dramatic reversal of fortune in just a few months."

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