Sarah Palin: Donald Trump impeachment will 'help his re-election bid'

15 January 2020, 10:05

Sarah Palin said the charges against Donald Trump are 'trumped up'
Sarah Palin said the charges against Donald Trump are 'trumped up'. Picture: PA

By Megan White

President Donald Trump’s impeachment will “help his re-election bid,” according to former US politician Sarah Palin.

The Republican, who served as Governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009, claimed the media is “so biased against Donald Trump” and could prevent him from having a fair trial.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Ms Palin said the charges against Mr Trump were “trumped up.”

She said: “I think the American people are savvy enough to understand how political this is.

“It’s going to help President Trump in his re-election bid.

“There are people all over this country who are pretty united in the way we are looking at the charges against Trump, which are trumped up!

“They are not really after Donald Trump, they are after us… they want us to sit down and shut up.

“It is being made manifest through their efforts against Donald Trump, they are not after him, they are after us.

“I absolutely agree it would be inappropriate for a sitting president to withhold aid just to poke a political opponent because people get hurt.

“But the concern here is nobody knows who to believe, right, because the media tells us one thing and the one side says one thing and one side says the other.

“That’s the danger of having a media machine that everybody can recognise as so biased against Donald Trump… a fair trial - Donald Trump wants that and we want that.”

Asked if politicians could deliver a ‘fair trial’, she added: “We have to put our faith in these politicians to do the will of the people… we have to hold them all accountable and let us trust them, at least thus far, that they are going to be honest and fair.”

Palin went on: “What we do appreciate about Donald Trump is that he is not a typical politician with his finger to the wind, no, he is directing the wind.

“That’s what we expected, we expected no more business as usual. It is a mess and he’s trying to clear it up.

“More power to him for tweeting it out there as he ain’t getting fair coverage from the press.”