Butchers And Shoppers Clash With Vegan Protestors As Blind Activist Falls To Floor

31 May 2019, 17:15 | Updated: 31 May 2019, 17:37

This is the moment butchers and shoppers clashed on vegan activists in a Sheffield market

Activists from the vegan group Direct Action Yorkshire were targeting a butchers stall in Moor Market in Sheffield.

At the start of the video one demonstrator can be heard yelling vegan slogans in the market.

Shortly afterwards two butchers appear and start tearing down the activists tape.

Then shockingly a man wearing a vegan t-shirt and carrying a white stick topples to the ground.

The, seemingly, blind activist scrabbles on the ground before he is helped up by another protester.

The DeX movement have staged protests across the globe, including storming a sausage roll shop in Sussex.