Storm Barra: New snow and wind warnings but thousands still without power

6 December 2021, 12:49

Storm Barra is expected to bring over a second wave of bad weather.
Storm Barra is expected to bring over a second wave of bad weather. Picture: Ventusky/Alamy

By Emma Soteriou

The Met Office has warned of more snow and wind in parts of the UK over coming days, with thousands still left powerless from Storm Arwen.

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Storm Arwen has battered the UK with heavy rain, strong winds and snow in recent weeks, leaving tens of thousand of homes powerless.

However, the bad weather is showing no signs of stopping, with Storm Barra threatening to bring further disruption as it moves in from the west on Tuesday.

The west of Ireland is expected to receive the worst of the storm, with yellow wind weather warnings in place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Yellow snow warnings are also in place in southern and western Scotland.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge warned that gale force winds of 45-50mph on Tuesday and into Wednesday would not make it "easier" for those trying to reconnect the remaining homes.

"It's certainly not going to aid things with those sorts of wind strengths, and a mixture of rain and snow in there as well," he said.

"It's not going to make working conditions any easier for those out and about."

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) said that 3,190 homes were still waiting to be reconnected as of 2pm on Sunday.

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Stewart, who lives in Alnwick, Northumberland, is one of thousands of people still living without power in the aftermath of torrential rain and gale-force winds which continue to batter the north-east.

He said he has "no hope left at all" as he faces an eleventh night without central heating.

"It's exhausting, it's wearing us down, and it's a constant worry. Every day seems to bring a new problem," Stewart said.

"On day nine there was torrential rain and our village started to flood. That was mainly because of the storm debris.

"What happened was that then flooded our village water works - it flooded our sewage system. Our neighbour couldn't use his toilet without it flooding.

"I had to clear standing water from the road, which got my clothes wet, and then return to a house without heating."

The military has been called in to help those still without power.
The military has been called in to help those still without power. Picture: Alamy

He went on to say: "From my window I can see a snapped telegraph pole and cables lying on the ground.

"The weather forecast is dreadful. We have not got any hope at all. It's awful, it's the futility of it."

A spokesperson for the ENA said that operators were "working together" to prepare for the next storm.

"Energy network operators are working together to prepare for the developing Storm Barra," they said.

"We're monitoring forecasts regularly, coordinating response plans and preparing to share resources if required."