Daily coronavirus deaths hit record high in Germany

2 December 2020, 10:24

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Germany Daily Life. Picture: PA

Another 487 fatalities were reported on Wednesday, the highest in one day since the pandemic began.

Germany has reported a record 487 new coronavirus deaths – the country’s highest daily toll since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The country’s disease control centre also reported 17,270 new infections.

Germany implemented a so-called “lockdown light” about month ago, with schools and shops kept open.

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That has led to a stagnation of new infections, but the numbers have not been going down again like in other European countries which have had much stricter measures in place.

The health minister said on Tuesday that daily death numbers are way too high and he reminded citizens that behind every single number there is a tragedy and a human life lost.

Germany’s overall coronavirus death toll is now 17,123.

The country is awaiting the approval of a Covid-19 vaccine by the end of the year, and has started setting up mass vaccination centres across the country that are supposed to be ready within two weeks.

By Press Association