Terrifying Moment Cabin Fills With Smoke At 30,000 Feet

20 April 2017, 11:08 | Updated: 28 October 2019, 15:26

This footage, taken on board a Lagos-bound flight, shows the dramatic scenes following an alleged mid-flight engine fire.

This is the moment smoke poured into an airplane cabin carrying 53 people at 30,000 feet, leaving passengers terrified. 

In the video muffled screams can be heard from passengers as the flight crew prepare to make an emergency landing yesterday (Wednesday).

About 20 minutes after take-off from Port Harcourt smoke began to seep into the cabin, before getting thicker and setting off alarms on the Lagos-bound flight. 

A spokesman for the airline told Sahara Reporters that everything appeared to be normal during a routine pre-flight check of the plane, and that smoke filled the cabin after a passenger went into a lavatory.

But passengers and Nigerian media described the incident as an engine fire.

The plane was met by firefighters upon landing, and Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority and the airline are investigating the alleged engine fire.