Comic apologises to Jacinda Ardern for making nightmarish cake in her likeness

16 April 2020, 16:20

Don't bake your heroes kids, it ends up looking like a nightmare
Don't bake your heroes kids, it ends up looking like a nightmare. Picture: Instagram/Laura Daniels

By Kate Buck

A comic has apologised to Jacinda Ardern after trying to create a cake in her likeness and producing something that belongs in a horror film.

Laura Daniel has become an overnight sensation in New Zealand after using her spare time during lockdown to make videos doing an impression of the nation's Prime Minister.

But the self-confessed Ardern admirer has now said she is "deeply sorry" and said this is why "you don't bake your heroes".

Laura made the cake after challenging the host of TV programme Seven Sharp, Hilary Barry, to a bake-off.

Each competitor was not allowed to use any flour to make an iconic Kiwi cake in two hours.

New Zealand has seen a shortage of flour after huge numbers of people took up baking as a way of passing the time.

While her competitor made a pavlova in the shape of Mount Cook, Laura attempted to use a picture of Ms Ardern to recreate her facial features by making a lolly cake.

The result was less than flattering.

Laura posted the monstrosity on Instagram with the caption: "I’m deeply sorry Jacinda Ardern.

“I truly tried my best with what I had available ."

Luckily Ms Ardern seemed to see the funny side of the situation, and commented on the post with: "😳😳".

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For reference, this is what Jacinda Ardern looks like
For reference, this is what Jacinda Ardern looks like. Picture: PA

Others have taken to social media to laugh at the creation, with one even saying: "At least we now know what our PM would look like if she had a crack habit?”

Ms Ardern has so far been widely praised for her handling of the coronavirus pandemic in New Zealand, after closing borders and putting the country on lockdown before a large spread of cases.

So far, in the country of 5 million people, there have been just over 1,400 cases and nine deaths.

It has also been announced that Ms Ardern and the rest of her cabinet will also be taking a 20 per cent pay cut in solidarity with other workers.