Eagle v Octopus: Watch the dramatic fight to see who wins

14 December 2019, 00:12

By Sylvia DeLuca

Watch the unexpected moment an eagle tried to attack an octopus - but got more than it bargained for when a nearby crew intervened with a pole.

An eagle probably regrets its decision to attack an octopus after the creature aggressively fought back - leading a crew to step in and help.

After hearing loud shrieks from the fight taking place between the animals, a fishing crew off Canada's west coast went to investigate the noise.

“At first we just watched and we didn’t know if we should interfere because, you know, it’s Mother Nature,” John Ilett, an employee at Mowi West Canada, told CTV News.

They observed the unusual encounter between the creatures for about five minutes, but then decided to step in when the eagle was desperately struggling for help in the water.

The eagle and octopus were embroiled in an battle before the crew stepped in
The eagle and octopus were embroiled in an battle before the crew stepped in. Picture: Mowi Canada West Facebook

Using a pole, Mr Ilett pulled the octopus over to the boat. The crew managed to haul both creatures aboard, disentangling the bird from the strong tentacles, before throwing the octopus back into the water.

He explained: "I was able to just latch on to the octopus and give it a little tug. It released its grip, which gave the eagle just enough time to get to shore.

"We weren't sure exactly how it was going to go down when I tested the pole."

In the video the crew can be heard looking at the octopus and exclaiming, "Look at the size of this thing!"

The terrified eagle perched on a nearby log before flying off - and will probably think twice before attacking an octopus again.