Labour's John McDonnell: "We're Preparing For Government"

11 June 2017, 13:39

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell told LBC Labour"no one won" the election, but the party is preparing to form a minority government.

Labour's Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, told LBC's Richard Suchet that the party is not celebrating the result, because "no one won", but he is grateful for the votes.

He then added that the party is preparing to form a minority government. 

Richard said: "Is there any chance or any danger that Labour might be over-celebrating an election they didn't win?"

Mr McDonnell replied: "We're not celebrating. We're actually saying we're grateful for the votes that we received from the general public. No party won this election, and what we're doing is saying we can form a minority government, we're preparing for government.

"It's not a matter of celebration. It's a matter of recognising the serious situation the country's in, and it needs a stable government, and it hasn't got one with the Conservatives, and it hasn't got one with this coalition of chaos they're constructing with the DUP."

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