Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is the Foreign Secretary and former Mayor of London, as well as a Conservative MP for Uxbridge.

Born in New York in 1964, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson studied in Brussels, Eton and Oxford, reading Classics.

After working as a journalist at the Times, Daily Telegraph and Spectator, he became a Conservative MP in 2001 in Henley-upon-Thames. After spells in the Shadow Cabinet, he became Mayor of London in 2008, beating Ken Livingstone in the election.

After introducing the Cycle Hire Scheme, banning alcohol on public transport and overseeing the Olympics, he was re-elected in 2012, again defeating Mr Livingstone. He re-entered Parliament in the 2015 General Election and his term as Mayor ended in 2016.

Boris is married to Marina and has four children.

Born: 19th June 1964
Height: 5'11"
Position: Conservative MP and former Mayor of London
Salary: £143,911
Twitter: @BorisJohnson