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James O'Brien says Boris Johnson is desperate for the sack

Boris Is Desperate To Get Sacked, Says James O'Brien

7 days ago

Boris Johnson Nadine Dorries Iain Dale

Tory MP Nadine Dorries Insists Boris Johnson Is Not Launching A Leadership Bid

8 days ago

Ian Collins Boris Johnson

Ian Collins Defends Boris Johnson Over £350m Post-Brexit Claim

8 days ago

Oliver also said: "Only a fool would actually name someone as the next potential leader of the Conservative party."

Cameron Spin Doctor Says Boris Johnson "Still Very Much A Possibility For Prime Minister"

10 days ago

Lord Sugar / Vote Leave bus

Lord Sugar Says Pro-Brexit Ministers Should Be Charged Over £350m NHS Claim

1 month ago

James O'Brien laying into the ego-battle between Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson

Brexit Is Ongoing, But Ministers Just Care About Ego-Battles, Booms O'Brien

2 months ago

Boris Johnson. Donald Trump. Chris Bryant

"Boris Sounds Like Trump’s Ambassador, Not Foreign Secretary"

2 months ago