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David Cameron will warn the US to stop blocking aid to Ukraine

'Stop holding up aid to Ukraine', David Cameron to warn US politicians on Washington DC trip

The UK has previously been warned conscription may be necessary in the event of all-our war breaking out

Britain should consider Swedish-style military conscription, former MI6 chief says

Navalny "suddenly died" according to the Russian ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin.

'These things happen’: Alexei Navalny ‘simply died’ and murder allegations ‘make no sense’, Russian ambassador says

Vladimir Putin has decreed that 150,000 people will be called up ahead of new push to make a breakthrough in Ukraine.

Putin calls up 150,000 men amid spring offensive claims which could deliver knockout blow in Ukraine

Tusk said war is looming

‘It feels like 1939’: Europe is not ready for looming war with Putin, Poland's PM warns

Russia bombed Ukrainian infrastructure overnight

Russia launches 'massive attack' on Ukraine's power supplies, with 'energy security under growing threat'

Ben Stimson (left) and Aiden Minnis (right)

British traitors fighting for Putin in Ukraine branded an 'absolute disgrace' as Army heroes call for pair to be jailed

Russia and Ukraine have traded blows

Ukraine says it hit two Russian ships in Crimea, as Russian missiles rain down on Kyiv and Lviv

ISIS released shocking footage of the Moscow attack

ISIS releases shocking video of Moscow concert hall attack after gunmen kill 154, including children

US says it warned Russia of imminent 'extremist' attack weeks ago but Putin points finger at Ukraine despite ISIS claim

US says it warned Russia of imminent 'extremist' attack weeks ago but Putin points finger at Ukraine despite ISIS claim

The British embassy in Kyiv has denied reports of King Charles' death

Ukraine's British embassy forced to deny King Charles has died after false claims made on Russian TV

Vladimir Putin has won Russia's rigged presidential election with 88 per cent of the vote, according to an official exit poll.

Shock! Putin wins barely-contested Russian presidential election with 88% of vote, says exit poll

Major operation underway to identify source of Russian attack that 'jammed signals' on Grant Shapps' official RAF plane

Major operation under way to identify source of Russian attack that 'jammed signals' on Grant Shapps' RAF plane

RAF plane carrying Grant Shapps jammed by Russia

Russia 'jams signals' on Grant Shapps official RAF plane as it flew over Poland following NATO drills


Russia ready for nuclear war Putin says in chilling threat to the West

Members of the anti-Kremlin Russian group Siberian Battalion take part in a military training exercise outside Kyiv, October 24

Russian paramilitary groups loyal to Ukraine launch cross-border attacks inside Russian territory

Ukraine and its allies have slammed Pope Francis after the religious leader suggested the country should 'raise the white flag' in its war with Russia.

Ukraine and allies slam Pope for suggesting country 'raises the white flag' to Putin's invading forces

Europe must do everything in its power to contain the wars in Ukraine and Gaza ahead of the swearing-in of the next US president, Lord Cameron has warned

Europe must contain wars in Ukraine and Gaza before next US president is sworn in, David Cameron warns

Sweden has finally joined Nato after a lengthy two-year wait following its application to join the military alliance in light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Sweden finally becomes full NATO member after two-year wait following Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Germany accuses Russia of 'information war' following alleged military leak spilling UK military secrets to Kremlin

Germany accuses Russia of 'information war' following alleged leak spilling UK military secrets to Kremlin

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has ordered an investigation into the leak

Germany ‘accidentally leaked British military secrets to Russia’, including that troops are ‘on the ground’ in Ukraine

President Joe Biden said on Friday that the US will begin air-dropping humanitarian assistance into Gaza

Joe Biden confuses Gaza with Ukraine twice as he announces plans to airdrop aid

Navalny was buried on Friday

'Russia without Putin': Defiant chant sung by crowd of thousands as Alexei Navalny's funeral held in Moscow

The coffin containing the body of Alexei Navalny has been carried into church as his funeral begins.

Alexei Navalny’s body arrives at Moscow church for funeral amid police ring of steel with snipers on roofs

Vladimir Putin delivers his state-of-the-nation address in Moscow

Vladimir Putin warns the West: 'We have weapons that can hit your territory'

World leaders have rejected Macron's idea.

World leaders reject Macron’s plan to send Nato troops to Ukraine in bid to stop 'Russia winning the war'

Putin, Zelensky and Ukrainian troops

Grim death toll revealed as Zelensky says 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers dead in two bitter years since Putin's invasion

Sadiq Khan has called for Russian oligarchs' assets to be seized

Sadiq Khan calls for £1 billion of property owned by Russian oligarchs in London to be seized to fund 4,000 new homes

Charles has shared a message of support for Ukraine

King Charles hails 'heroism' of Ukrainians as world leaders mark second anniversary of Russian invasion in Kyiv

Grant Shapps has vowed that Britain will back Ukraine 'to the end'

'We will be there to the end': Shapps vows UK will back Ukraine until war is over, as Britain gives £245m military aid

LBC spoke to a mother and daughter from the war-torn city of Mariupol

Ukrainian refugees accuse Home Office of becoming ‘tired of Ukraine’ after altering resettlement schemes

Lord Cameron addressed the UN general assembly on Friday.

David Cameron accuses Putin and his regime of ‘behaving like Nazis’ as war in Ukraine hits two years

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Iran fires air defence batteries at two sites after drones spotted

Air defences

Russia pummels exhausted Ukrainian forces ahead of springtime advance

Google HQ

Japanese doctors demand damages from Google over ‘groundless’ reviews

Leonid Volkov

Two suspects held in Poland after attack on Navalny ally in Lithuania

Former President Donald Trump during jury selection at Manhattan criminal court

From a man who meditates every morning to a corporate lawyer: The 12 jurors who will decide Donald Trump's fate

There are fears the traditional fry-up is dying out because young people think it's too fatty

Gen Z shun the ‘greasy and high-calorie’ classic fry-up with one in ten never eating the famous dish

Taylor Swift performing during the Eras Tour

Taylor Swift reveals surprise 2am double album drop with record packed with secret messages and attacks on her exes

Pakistan Suicide Attack

Japanese workers narrowly escape suicide bombing in Pakistan

Lloyd Evans wrote in a Spectator article how he lost control of his 'lunatic libido' during a lecture by Lea Ypi

Female academic hits back at Spectator writer who said he went for sex at massage parlour after watching her lecture

Locals are

'Catapulting epidemic' in 'peaceful English' village sees animals killed, cars damaged and funeral-goers targeted

French toddler Emile Soleil may have been eaten by a pack of wolves following discovery of 2-year-old's skull

French toddler Emile Soleil may have been eaten by a pack of wolves following discovery of 2-year-old's remains

Israel strikes back at Iran: Explosions heard following revenge attack - days after Tehran's drone assault

Israel strikes back at Iran: Explosions heard following revenge attack - days after Tehran's drone assault

India Election Narendra Modi

India starts voting as Narendra Modi seeks third term as prime minister

Rishi Sunak is to call for an end to the "sick note culture".

End of the 'sick note': Rishi Sunak to stop GPs signing people off work in welfare scheme overhaul

Andrew Malkinson

'Too little, too late': Andrew Malkinson rejects Criminal Cases Review Commission's apology after being wrongly jailed

Argentina NATO

Argentina asks to join Nato as President Milei seeks more prominent role