Crime is falling in Britain, but with police numbers under threat as budgets are squeezed, how will that affect the rate?

And while crime is falling, hate crimes have risen, especially since the EU Referendum. This section will cover the main crime and policing stories across the UK.

Crime & Police


Teen killer jailed for life after stabbing 18-year-old 'peacemaker' to death

Forensic specialists were seen in the area looking for clues on Friday night.

Woman dies in 'industrial incident' at Co-op funeral parlour as probe launched

Johnson was jailed for two years for preventing a burial and was given concurrent six-month sentences for each of the three fraud charges.

Carer jailed for storing pensioner's body in freezer for two years after being 'overcome with grief'

Shiloh took a poo on the hospital floor.

Shoplifter kicked Co-op worker, threatened man with syringe, then did a poo on hospital floor in drug-fueled act

Wood drove 158 metres with Mr Watson under the car.

'It's fine, I deserve it': Woman arrested after running over and killing boyfriend, dragging his body nearly 160 metres

Police powers are minimising the effectiveness of protests - with groups like Just Stop Oil now being arrested within just 10 seconds.

Police powers are minimising the effectiveness of protests with eco-groups arrested within seconds

A Met Police officer tasered a 10-year-old girl

Father of girl, 10, tasered by police says officer's actions are a 'green light to go around tasering anybody'

A Met Police officer tasered a 10-year-old girl

Moment police officer tasers 10-year-old girl carrying garden shears, as PC is cleared of gross misconduct

Body-worn footage was played at the panel hearing, showing PC Broadhead had shouted towards Child A, saying “put it down” as she appeared to pick up the shears, before heading up the stairs [File Photo]

Mother of 10-year-old girl Tasered in own home says she wouldn't have called police if she knew what would happen

Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex confirmed they closed the ride after two people were injured

Man hospitalised after Christmas Wonderland ride 'went wrong' at Essex shopping centre