Crime is falling in Britain, but with police numbers under threat as budgets are squeezed, how will that affect the rate?

And while crime is falling, hate crimes have risen, especially since the EU Referendum. This section will cover the main crime and policing stories across the UK.

Crime & Police

NFL bans players from kneeling during national anthem

NFL owners agree to ban on kneeling during national anthem

Iain Dale

Iain Dale Takes Policeman To Task In Stop-And-Search Row

John Bercow faces official complaint for 'bullying' senior minister

The moment a man is stabbed to death on a busy street.

The Shocking Moment Killer Stabs Man To Death In Busy Street

Cressida Dick revealed she is recruiting additional officers

Met Police To Recruit 500 More Staff To Stop Knife Crime, Commissioner Tells LBC

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick speaking to Nick Ferrari

Met Police Chief Calls On YouTube To Take Down Drill Music To Curb Gang Crime