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City executives complained that the cap stopped the recruitment and retainment of quality workers, resulting in London losing out on talented staff.

UK to abolish cap on bankers' bonuses next week

1 month ago

A Belgian court has accused a collections agent, who works with TfL of "abusing its legal powers."

Belgium condemns Sadiq Khan's ULEZ as over 20,000 EU drivers ‘unlawfully’ fined in alleged criminal data breach by TfL

1 month ago

Rishi Sunak speaks exclusively to LBC

Rishi Sunak blames EU law for stopping 100,000 new homes being built in UK

1 month ago

Guy Verhofstadt speaks to LBC

Brexit 'red tape' causing 'huge problems' for both UK and EU, top MEP Guy Verhofstadt tells LBC

2 months ago

Sir Keir Starmer said there is no case for going back into EU

Sir Keir Starmer says he is right to seek changes to Brexit deal but there's 'no case for rejoining the EU'

2 months ago

France-German plan to tier EU countries as Keir Starmer meets Emmanuel Macron

French-German plan to create EU 'inner circle' with space for the UK as Keir Starmer meets Macron in Paris

2 months ago

Keir Starmer has pledged to rewrite the UK's Brexit deal

'It'll be the worst of both worlds': Keir Starmer accused of 'Brexit betrayal' after pledging to rewrite deal

2 months ago

The Labour leader criticised Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and has pledged to create a "much better" one.

'We have to make it work': Keir Starmer pledges major rewrite of Brexit deal

2 months ago

Theresa May said Mr Rees Mogg ‘took a sledgehammer’ to the constitution

Jacob Rees-Mogg 'suggested Theresa May bring Queen into Brexit negotiations'

2 months ago

Lord Rose said rejoining the EU would be a 'common sense' move

'Common sense' move for Britain to rejoin EU within 20 years, Asda Chairman Lord Stuart Rose tells LBC

2 months ago

Kemi and Liz Truss

'Kemi Badenoch has adopted Truss' strategy', says James O'Brien as UK negotiates India trade deal

3 months ago

James O'Brien analyses 'the ultimate irony of Brexit' amid calls for a second referendum

James O'Brien analyses 'the ultimate irony of Brexit' amid calls for a second referendum

3 months ago

Michael Gove has been giving evidence to the Covid inquiry

Preparing for Brexit gave UK 'match fitness' to deal with pandemic, Michael Gove tells Covid inquiry

4 months ago

Lord Hammond said being outside the single market has had a cost to the British economy

Brexit was never going to make the UK better off, says former Chancellor Lord Hammond

5 months ago

Former Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King tells Andrew Marr the UK’s reaction to Liz Truss’ premiership was ‘a bit hysterical’

'No one got hurt': UK’s reaction to Liz Truss’ premiership was 'a bit hysterical', former Bank of England governor says

5 months ago

Boris Johnson gave Jacob Rees-Mogg ‘carte blanche’ to be a ‘pain in the backside for the Treasury and Rishi Sunak.’

Boris gave Jacob Rees-Mogg 'carte blanche' to be 'pain in the backside for the Treasury and Sunak', Guto Harri reveals

5 months ago

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James O'Brien

James O'Brien scrutinises deliberate 'dehumanisation' in immigration rhetoric

Stella Creasy

Labour MP calls for a Government of ‘deal makers’ not ‘deal breakers’ to navigate Britain post-Brexit

'But how will that stop the boats?': Nick Ferrari presses Shadow Immigration Minister on Labour's solutions

'Common sense rather than government by gimmick': Shadow Minister takes aim at Tories' migration plans

Brexit caller

‘They’re like drug dealers!’: Tearful anti-Brexit caller doesn’t feel he belongs to a country anymore

Rishi Sunak speaks to journalists on his way to the G7 summit in Japan

Cheaper beer and sanitary products show benefits of Brexit, Rishi Sunak insists

Tonight with Andrew Marr

Andrew Marr: Ministers need to fix 'industrial car crash' caused by post-Brexit economy

Green Belt Housing

Tories have had ‘no vision’ apart from Brexit, states Shelagh Fogarty

Stellantis said the Brexit deal was a "threat to our export business"

Brexit deal can be 'tweaked' again after Vauxhall maker urges renegotiation, minister suggests

Sir Lindsay Hoyle scolded Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch

'Who do you think you're speaking to?': Sir Lindsay Hoyle shuts down Kemi Badenoch after clash over Brexit law changes

Rishi Sunak made the promise during his leadership campaign

Government ditches plan for thousands of EU laws to expire automatically at the end of 2023

Sir Ed Davey has refused to join forces with Rishi Sunak's Tory party but did not make the same commitment against a deal with Labour

Lib Dems hint at coalition with Labour - and may demand Brexit rerun as the price

Boris Johnson was said to have been distraught when he saw the vote come in

'Holy c*** - we've got no plan, what will we do?': Shocked Boris's reaction to Brexit vote revealed

Michael O'Leary, the CEO of Ryanair has hit out at Brexiteers in a recent statement.

‘Completely delusional’ Brexiteers will die soon and Britain will rejoin single market in 15 years, Ryanair CEO says

Keir Starmer

'I still believe in Brexit and don't trust Keir Starmer,' says unapologetic 'left-wing Brexiteer'

Thousands of passengers faced severe disruption at the Port of Dover across the weekend

'We've had this before!': Keir Starmer says 'of course' Brexit can be blamed for travel chaos at Port of Dover

Rishi Sunak hailed the new deal

Rishi Sunak hails the UK joining Indo-Pacific bloc in Britain's biggest trade deal since Brexit