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Ursula von der Leyen said there have been "more movement" on important issues

Brexit talks making 'better progress', European Commission president says

8 days ago

The UK's David Frost (left) and EU's Michel Barnier (right) have agreed to temporarily halt Brexit talks

Top level Brexit talks suspended after EU negotiator tests positive for Covid-19

10 days ago

Talks will continue between EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and UK negotiator Lord Frost (right)

Clock ticks as Brexit trade deal talks resume

13 days ago

Prince Charles delivered a speech to the German parliament on Sunday

Prince Charles delivers passionate post-Brexit speech at German parliament

13 days ago

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney answers journalists questions.

Ireland: UK-EU trade deal 'won't be ratified' if Brexit bill remains unchanged

14 days ago

The owners of Felixstowe Port have warned of "chaos" in the run up to Christmas

Christmas 'chaos' at Felixstowe Port due to Brexit and Covid stockpiling

14 days ago

Dominic Cummings will leave No10 by Christmas

Comment: Departure of Cummings can allow Boris Johnson to focus on governing

16 days ago

Dominic Cummings leaves 10 Downing Street with a box

Dominic Cummings to leave No10: Tory MPs say it's a chance to restore 'trust'

16 days ago

Plans are being put in place for Brexit

Government launches 'business task force' to help firms prepare for Brexit

17 days ago

Boris Johnson has said he is still 'hopeful' for a Brexit deal

Boris Johnson insists there is still a 'deal to be done' with EU

17 days ago

The Immigration Act will give the UK a points-based immigration system

Immigration Act made law after receiving Royal Assent from Queen

18 days ago

Boris Johnson's government has suffered a heavy defeat

Government suffers defeat in Lords over controversial Brexit bill

19 days ago

Boris Johnson has said he will proceed with his Brexit bill despite a previous warning from Joe Biden

Brexit: Boris Johnson to push ahead with bill despite previous Biden warning

20 days ago

UK will struggle for US trade unless internal markets bill is scrapped, says former Taoiseach

UK will struggle for US trade unless Internal Markets Bill is scrapped, says former Taoiseach

22 days ago

File photo: EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier warns 'very serious divergences' remain in UK-EU Brexit trade talks

24 days ago

Peers are gearing up to remove contentious parts of the UK Internal Market Bill

House of Lords preparing to remove controversial parts of Brexit Bill

1 month ago

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EU Chief negotiator Michel Barnier walks to a meeting in London on Friday

Talks on post-Brexit trade deal continue as Barnier stays in London

Everyday items could cost more, business groups have said

Business groups say cost of everyday items 'could soar' under no-deal Brexit

EU criminals who have been sentenced to over one year will be barred

EU criminals could be barred from entering the UK post-Brexit

Brexit negotiators are set to enter an "intensified" set of talks from Thursday

Within reach: UK and EU edge towards Brexit deal

The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier

Downing Street reopens Brexit trade talks with EU

German MEP

German MEP says Boris Johnson has 'been lying to the UK' over Brexit

The House of Lords has slapped down parts of the controversial UK Internal Market Bill

Government suffers major defeat in House of Lords over Brexit bill

Michael Gove was addressing MPs in the Commons on Monday

Post-Brexit free trade deal with EU will not happen 'as things stand'

James was left asking how the caller could not understand the situation four years after the Brexit vote

Brexit voter didn't know Australia-deal and No-Deal 'were the same thing'

James O'Brien delivered a passionate monologue after the comments by the Business Secretary

'Australia-style deal means nothing' - James reacts to Alok Sharma's Brexit comments

Alok Sharma appeared on Call the Cabinet this morning

Alok Sharma struggles to explain difference between No Deal and Australia style deal

Businesses are being told "time is running out" for them to prepare for a no deal Brexit

Final warning: Businesses told time ‘running out‘ to get ready for Brexit

David Davis: EU doesn't want UK to succeed post-Brexit

David Davis: EU doesn't want UK to succeed post-Brexit

Boris Johnson doesn't want a Brexit deal, MEP argues

Boris Johnson doesn't want a Brexit deal, MEP argues

Lord Frost has told Michel Barnier not to come to the UK on Monday

UK tells EU there is 'no basis for negotiations' and halts further trade talks

James O'Brien lists Brexiteers' past pledges after PM's "no deal" statement

James O'Brien lists Brexiteers' past pledges after PM's "no deal" statement