The housing crisis is one of the biggest problems facing youngsters today. Rents are rocketing, while it is harder than ever to get on to the housing ladder.

Sadiq Khan has promised to solve this, but there is a shortage of housing in London.

Rachel Reeves has said that rent caps could be allowed to be set

Labour 'could allow rent caps', Rachel Reeves says - but shadow chancellor warned that 'landlords would leave in droves'

3 days ago

Rents have increased since the cap ended, tenants are telling LBC

'It felt like an April Fool's at first': Tenants face illegal rent hikes or eviction as landlords sell to cover costs

19 days ago

The basement area is available for £5,000 - but hasn't been excavated yet

'Basement area' for sale in south London for just £5,000 - but you have to excavate the property yourself

28 days ago

Michael Gove has been urged to 'get on with' passing the rental reforms

Ministers accused of making 'major concessions to landlords' after renters reforms 'watered down'

1 month ago

The original Spare Room listing has been altered

Mother rents out London room for £400pm but tenant must 'babysit children everyday and move out on weekends'

2 months ago

The property is up for sale for £180,000

‘Britain’s chavviest house’ ridiculed online as owner hits back: ‘obviously I like it, it’s mine’

3 months ago

Rishi Sunak has pledged to build more homes for young people

Sunak vows to build hundreds of thousands of homes as PM says he 'accepts people's anger' over home ownership

3 months ago

Such long-term fixed-rate mortgages are common in other parts of the world, such as Canada, the UK and Japan.

Labour's housing 'revolution': Rachel Reeves proposes 25-year mortgages in boost for first-time buyers

4 months ago

Sir Howard Davies said today that people have always had to save to buy a home

'You've always had to save': NatWest chief rows back on claim that it's 'not that difficult' to buy a home

4 months ago

Levelling Up Secretary, Micheal Gove

Michael Gove threatens to strip councils of their powers if they 'delay or deny' housebuilding in their areas

5 months ago

The UK rental market 'may be past its peak'

Average UK rent rises 10% in a year, but rental market 'past its peak' with signs increases will slow in 2024

5 months ago

Edinburgh University students are struggling to find accommodation

One in six Edinburgh University students unable to rent housing as planned, study suggests

6 months ago

All new houses will be sold as freehold under plans spearheaded by Michael Gove

All new houses to be sold as freehold properties as government pushes to end 'feudal' leasehold system

6 months ago

The number of people wanting to rent each home has risen to 25

25 renters chasing each home, as average monthly rent reaches record levels after soaring 12% in a year

7 months ago

The Housing Minister has said she is “feeling positive” about renter and leasehold reforms

Housing minister hints at reforms in coming weeks as she insists government hasn’t abandoned home ownership pledge

8 months ago

Some 500 cannabis plants were found in a property in Mill Hill Lane in 2019

Fully-equipped former five-bed cannabis farm to be sold at auction for £150,000

9 months ago