James O'Brien in the LBC studio

James O'Brien's Instant Reaction To Sir Kim Darroch's Resignation

9 days ago

James gave his instant reaction to the latest tweets from US President Donald Trump

James O'Brien's Instant Reaction To Donald Trump's Latest Tweets

10 days ago

Maajid Nawaz in the LBC studio

Maajid Nawaz Puts Right Caller Who Likened Nelson Mandela To Isis Terrorists

12 days ago

Richard Bacon

Richard Bacon: Not Even Donald Trump Would Compare Leaving The EU To Slaveowners

13 days ago

Maajid Nawaz

Maajid Nawaz: How The Queen Will Support Proroguing Parliament For Brexit Deadline

13 days ago

Nick Ferrari is not happy with Sadiq Khan's response to the knife crime crisis

Nick Ferrari Fumes At Sadiq Khan's Response To London's Knife Crime Crisis

18 days ago