Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Police must be ready for attempts to highjack Paris Olympics

5 days ago

JD Vance first popped up as the author of the bestselling Hillbilly Elegy, a memoir that quickly became the darling of a mainstream moderate and liberal American readership.

JD Vance exploited Appalachia to sell his book, now he wants to exploit America

5 days ago

Letby is a child killer. Disagree with me? That suggests that you don’t have faith in our jury system.

Questioning the Lucy Letby verdict is a foolish insult to grieving families

5 days ago

Gareth Southgate, an Englishman through and through, is one of our most successful managers

Why the next England manager must be… English

6 days ago

'Labour's house of cards is falling down': Welsh government 'collapsing' as ministers resign

'Labour's house of cards is falling down': Vaughan Gething’s Welsh Labour government has collapsed

6 days ago

Assassination attempt on Trump sparks unexpected unity in divided America

Assassination attempt on Trump sparks unexpected unity in divided America

7 days ago

A prisoner reading in his cell

Help prisoners improve themselves and think differently about life - will prepare them for freedom, writes Andy Coulson

7 days ago

Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate deserves to leave England graciously. A knighthood could keep everyone happy

7 days ago

'If Mr Biden looked shaky at the start of this week, he now looks finished,' writes Stephen Wrigley

'Say It Ain't So, Joe': There is surely no way that Biden can come back from these latest horror shows

10 days ago

Too many people are getting away with using phones while driving, says Johnny Jenkins

Too many drivers are using their phones at the wheel and getting away with it

13 days ago

Britain's Prime Minister Keir Starmer, left, meets Scottish First Minister and SNP leader John Swinney during a visit to Edinburgh

Hope is in the air after Starmer’s first visit to Scotland as PM

14 days ago

Sir Keir Starmer will have his first test as PM on the world stage at a Nato summit later this week

Nato is facing the most challenging period of its 75 year history

14 days ago

I hope the Government has not been disingenuous about tax plans, writes David Buik

For all our sakes, let's hope Labour's plans create some wealth and happiness for all

16 days ago

We should never take for granted the peaceful transition of power

No matter how much Nigel Farage might want it to be, this is not America. This is Great Britain

17 days ago

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer speaks to supporters after winning the General Election

Andrew Marr: Voters gave Labour a blank cheque but they have to deliver otherwise the backlash will be ferocious

18 days ago

Keir Starmer

My advice to Sir Keir: 'We don't need a regular bloke PM - we need you to focus on the job', writes Andy Coulson

19 days ago

Sir Keir Starmer (L), Nigel Farage (R)

Starmer is playing with fire by giving votes to 16-year-olds - he could be handing Reform the keys to No10

20 days ago

Rishi Sunak has a spring in his step for the final 48 hours of campaigning, writes LBC's Natasha Clark

The end is in sight: Rishi Sunak turns fire on Reform as spring in his step returns to Tory battle bus for final 48 hours

21 days ago