The Latest Dashcam Videos

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The speed limiting software in the Ford Focus

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Moment show-off driver wrecks a £250,000 Lamborghini by smashing it into a tree

Moment Show-Off Driver Wrecks £250,000 Lamborghini By Smashing It Into A Tree


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14-year-old pedestrian narrowly avoids being hit by van jumping red light

Terrifying Moment Teenager Narrowly Avoids Being Hit By Van Jumping Red Light

Rider films himself committing 30 offences, and gets sent to jail

Rider Who Films Himself Committing 30 Driving Offences Gets Promptly Jailed

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Dash-cam captured the terrifying incident unfold

Police Car Attacked By Masked Men With Sledgehammers

Shocking Moment Car Flips Onto Side After Speeding Down A Country Lane

Shocking Moment Car Flips Onto Side After Speeding Down A Country Lane

Dash-cam released today shows a number of incidents involving moped muggers being knocked off their bikes

Police Ram Moped Muggers Off Their Bikes In New Crime Crackdown