The Latest Dashcam Videos

Cyclist rams his bike into a car

Cyclist Road Rage: Man Smashes His Bike Into £56,000 Mercedes

The whole incident was caught on the driver’s dash-cam

Have-A-Go Hero Jumps Out Of Car To Stop Drug-Driver Who Mounted Pavement

Woman screams as man clings onto car bonnet

Terrified Driver Screams As Man Desperately Clings Onto Moving Car

The shocking incident was filmed on dash-cam by a nearby motorist

Hit-And-Run Driver Ploughs Into Man In Wheelchair With Stolen Car

David Shields, 34, was jailed last week

Lorry Driver Filmed Checking Phone For 18 Seconds Before Fatal Crash

This is the M25 road rage incident

M25 Road Rage: Drivers Come To Blows In The Middle Of The Motorway

Darren Lee led officers of a police chase across Newcastle

Drunk Joyrider Flips Partner’s Car After High-Speed Police Chase

Mr Allen braked quickly to avoid the child

The Heart-Stopping Moment Driver Saves Child Who Cycles In Front Of His Car

Police knock moped thief off bike

Police Use Patrol Car To Knock Moped Thief Off Bike After High-Speed Chase

The three cars crashed into a lorry and each other in the horror 120mph smash

Horror 120mph Motorway Crash Captured On Driver’s Dashcam

Ramone Kidd was seen driving at Sgt Chris Schultze

Teen Driver Rams Police Officer Into Barrier After High-Speed Chase

Furious father smashes windows of ex-wifes car in custody row

Furious Father Smashes Windows Of Ex-Wifes Car In Custody Row

Heated Exchange Between Drivers After Taxi Tries To Overtake On Wrong Side Of Road

Minicab Driver's Fury After Trying And Failing To Overtake On The Wrong Side Of The Road

motorway crash

Motorist Jailed For Smashing Into Mini And Spending It Spinning Across A Motorway

The moment a buggy rolls out into oncoming traffic

Heart-Stopping Moment Buggy Rolls Into Path Of Oncoming Car

The moped rider were intercepted in Manchester last month

Plain-Clothes Police On Scramblers Intercept Moped Riders In Dramatic Dash-Cam