Speed Limited Cars: LBC Tries Out Car Restricted To Speed Limit

27 March 2019, 15:29 | Updated: 27 March 2019, 20:28

All new cars sold in the UK from 2022 will have to have automatic speed limiting technology.

The regulations have been approved by the European Commission, but will still likely cover vehicles in the UK after Brexit.

So is it a landmark day for road safety - or a ridiculous decision by a nanny state?

LBC's Senior Reporter Matthew Thompson went to try out a speed-limited Ford Focus to see what difference it makes while driving.

The speed limiting software in the Ford Focus
The speed limiting software in the Ford Focus. Picture: LBC

Intelligent speed assistance (ISA) uses a speed sign recognition camera and GPS-linked speed limit data to automatically limit the speed of the vehicle.

The system does not apply the brakes but instead limits engine power, although drivers can override it by pushing hard on the accelerator, an action that will prompt an alert from the system.

The measures were first announced by the European Commission last year but after talks in Strasbourg on Monday night, they look set to be given the go-ahead by EU member states in September.

In the UK, the government has already said vehicle standards will be aligned with those of the EU after Brexit, so new cars in Britain will also have the safety features from 2022.