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Nadhim Zahawi says that the Conservatives were wrong to oust Boris Johnson two years ago.

'We should have never have got rid of Boris' says former Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi

6 days ago

Boris Johnson breached rules for former ministers, watchdog rules

Boris Johnson breached government rules by being ‘evasive’ about links to hedge fund

1 month ago

'I'm ashamed to say Nick, I started smoking when I was 12' Tory MP reveals

Minister who reveals she started smoking at 12 says she's not interested in freedom argument against ban

1 month ago

This guest told LBC he was against Rishi Sunak's smoking ban because 'everybody dies in the end' and the NHS should 'price in' the cost of dealing with sick Brits.

'The NHS is there to make you healthy' guest dismisses smoking ban as 'everybody dies in the end'

1 month ago

Liz Truss 'bugged' Boris Johnson while had Covid

Liz Truss admits she kept 'bugging' Boris Johnson in hospital when he was recovering from Covid

1 month ago

Joe Biden has stepped up pressure on Hamas

Joe Biden steps up pressure on Hamas to agree ceasefire deal ahead of weekend talks

1 month ago

Former prime minister Boris Johnson has criticised calls to end arms to Israel

Calls for UK to end arms sales to Israel are 'insane' and 'shameful', says Boris Johnson

1 month ago

Anneliese Dodds said Labour would make sure local people have 'skin in the game' with tackling inequality

'Rebuild has to start from ground up,' Labour's Anneliese Dodds says, and 'local people must have skin in the game'

1 month ago

Starmer has vowed to resurrect Boris Johnson's 'Levelling Up' policy

Failure to ‘level up’ Britain would be ‘catastrophic’, Wes Streeting admits, as Starmer vows to resurrect Johnson policy

1 month ago

Boris Johnson will be deployed to campaign in the Red Wall

Dorries dismisses Boris’ election comeback amid claims Sunak will ‘deploy ex-PM' in Red Wall to avoid Tory 'wipeout'

2 months ago

Boris Johnson will be deployed to campaign in the Red Wall

Boris’ election comeback: Sunak to ‘deploy Johnson in the Red Wall’ as Reform UK vow to ‘destroy’ Tories in the North

2 months ago

A plot to oust Rishi Sunak and bring back Boris Johnson has been hatched after 50 Tories attended a meeting hosted by a wealthy ally of the former PM

Plot to oust Sunak as PM and bring back Boris hatched as 50 Tories attend meeting led by pro-Johnson aristocrat

2 months ago

Boris Johnson met with Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro.

Boris Johnson flew to Venezuela for secret talks with president Nicolas Maduro

2 months ago

As well as the Brexit bash, Boris Johnson was pictured at leaving drinks during the pandemic

Boris Johnson's booze bill for Brexit bash at No10 revealed after two-year legal battle

3 months ago

Sturgeon labelled Johnson "a f***king clown"

Nicola Sturgeon branded Boris Johnson a 'f***ing clown' and 'utterly incompetent' over Covid lockdowns, inquiry hears

4 months ago

Johnson and Trump in 2019

Boris Johnson says Donald Trump is 'just what the world needs', and 'would not ditch the Ukrainians'

4 months ago

Boris Johnson has joined Tory rebels ahead of Rishi Sunak's flagship Rwanda bill

Boris Johnson backs Tory rebels ahead of high-stakes showdown with Rishi Sunak over Rwanda bill

The Conservatives are on course for a 1997-style electoral wipeout, a major new poll commissioned by Tory critics of Rishi Sunak suggests.

'We have a plan': Grant Shapps dismisses poll suggesting Tories face 1997-style electoral wipeout

The Conservatives are on course for a 1997-style electoral wipeout, a major new poll commissioned by Tory critics of Rishi Sunak suggests.

Conservatives on the brink: Poll predicts 1997-style electoral wipeout, granting Labour a 120-seat majority

Farage is coming off the back of a third-placed finish in I'm A Celebrity

'Never say never': Nigel Farage hints he could rejoin Tory party as part of 'dream ticket' with Boris Johnson

Tory MPs hope for a pact between Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage

Conservative MPs 'want Boris Johnson to return as prime minister and unite with Nigel Farage' to save Tory party

Boris gave evidence in his Grimsby Town hat

Boris Johnson told to stop wearing Grimsby hat because he's bringing down town's reputation

Boris Johnson gives evidence to the Covid Inquiry

Boris Johnson slammed by victims' families after telling Covid inquiry Partygate coverage is a 'travesty of the truth'

Boris Johnson spoke at the Covid inquiry again on Thursday

Ten things we learned from Boris Johnson's second day at the Covid inquiry

Boris Johnson gives evidence to the Covid Inquiry

Boris Johnson tells Covid Inquiry he 'could not have done more' to stop Downing Street parties

Boris Johnson giving evidence at the Covid inquiry

Covid inquiry as it happened: Ex-PM Boris Johnson says he 'could not have done more' to stop lockdown-busting parties

Boris Johnson gives evidence at the Covid-19 Inquiry

Apologies, missing messages and describing Covid as bulls**t: What we learned from Boris Johnson's Inquiry evidence

Boris Johnson giving evidence to the Covid inquiry today

Boris Johnson defends lockdowns and admits 'damage was done' as he apologises 'for pain and loss' of Covid

Boris Johnson met by protesters and families of the bereaved as he arrives to give evidence at the Covid Inquiry

Boris Johnson arrives at Covid inquiry where he will apologise for government mistakes but insist he got big calls right

Boris Johnson said the government should have 'twigged' sooner about the dangers of Covid

Boris fights back tears and says 'we should have twigged sooner' as four hecklers ejected from Covid Inquiry

Mr Johnson is expected to apologise to the Covid Inquiry and acknowledge the government did not get everything right during the pandemic.

Boris Johnson to tell Covid Inquiry he 'delayed first lockdown based on Chris Whitty's advice'

Boris Johnson asked the security services to consider military options for getting vaccines out of the EU

Boris Johnson 'asked spies to look into raiding Dutch Covid vaccine plant after EU blocked export'