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James O'Brien asked if Boris Johnson can still run the country from hospital

James O'Brien: How is Boris sick enough to go to hospital, but still running the UK?

5 hours ago

Nick Ferrari had this tough message for Boris Johnson

Nick Ferrari's message to the Prime Minister: Start answering our questions... now

4 days ago

Boris Johnson is preparing for PMQs

Boris Johnson grilled by MPs on coronavirus in PMQs: Watch in full

12 days ago

James O'Brien spoke to Sadiq Khan about the Tubes and building sites

Sadiq Khan tells LBC: Boris Johnson overruled me about closing building sites

13 days ago

Nick Ferrari urged the government not to put the elderly on lockdown

Coronavirus: Don't stigmatise old people by isolating them, urges Nick Ferrari

21 days ago

Sadiq Khan praised Boris Johnson's response to coronavirus

Sadiq Khan: I can't fault Boris Johnson over his coronavirus response

25 days ago