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Johnson likes the UK to The Hulk

Boris Johnson: "The Madder Hulk Gets, The Stronger Hulk Gets"

1 day ago

Andrew Disagreed With The Caller Who Compared Boris To A Dictator

Andrew Pierce Disagrees With A Caller Who Compares Boris Johnson To A 'Dictator'

2 days ago

Boris Johnson in Ireland earlier this week

Proroging Parliament Was Unlawful, Scottish Court Rules

5 days ago

Boris Johnson's Cable Car and Garden Bridge have been far from successful

Boris Johnson Wants To Build Bridge To Ireland: Here's All His Other Failed Projects

5 days ago

A caller tells Shelagh that Boris Johnson shouldn't give away his secret plan

Caller Says Boris Johnson Should Not 'Give Away' His Secret Plan

6 days ago

Parliament will be prorogued tonight

Downing Street Confirms Parliament Will Be Prorogued Tonight

6 days ago