Terminology like white privilege could have contributed to neglect of white pupils, MPs have said

'National scandal': White working class pupils neglected by education system, MP tells LBC

1 day ago

Around nine in 10 girls reported incidents of sexist name-calling.

Sexual harassment 'normalised' for children in school, says Ofsted report

13 days ago

Ministers are spending as much on schools catch up in a year as Eat Out To Help Out cost in a month

One month of Eat Out To Help Out 'costs the same as year of school catch up plan'

14 days ago

Sir Kevan Collins has resigned over the size of the government's schools catch-up plan

Education adviser resigns over Govt's £1.4bn schools catch-up plan

20 days ago

The Department for Education has announced an additional £1.4 billion of funding to help children catch up with lost learning

Extra tuition for pupils and option to repeat a year as part of £1.4bn plan

21 days ago

'The joy has been sucked out of the classroom', Headteacher tells LBC

'The joy has been sucked out of the classroom post-lockdown,' headteacher says

1 month ago

Gavin Williamson wrote "there is nothing Dickensian" about a "well-ordered" classroom.

Education Secretary launches £10m drive against 'out-of-control' pupil behaviour

2 months ago

While the youngest pupils returned to school in February, Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed a full return from 19 April.

All pupils in Scotland to return to school after Easter, Sturgeon confirms

2 months ago

Working-class children falling through cracks in school, teacher claims

Working-class children falling through cracks in school, teacher claims

2 months ago

A child safeguarding campaigners claims abuse victims are being let down

Everyone's Invited: 'More concern' for abusers than victims, says child protection campaigner

2 months ago