Schools are being made to open for 32.5 hours a week

Schools ordered to open for at least 32.5 hours a week so children don't 'miss out'

2 months ago

Pupils who fail GCSE maths or English will be barred from receiving student loans.

Pupils who fail GCSE maths or English could be barred from receiving student loans

3 months ago


War on woke in the classroom: Teachers banned from discussing 'contested' political topics

3 months ago

Schools have been given advice to be more gender neutral

Scrap use of 'Sir' and 'Miss' and adopt gender-neutral language, teachers told

3 months ago

Katharine Birbalsingh insisted strict uniform codes are needed

Social mobility tsar: Pupils will bring knives to school if you don't enforce uniform code

4 months ago

Children are being asked to wear masks in the classroom again.

Schoolchildren told to wear masks in classrooms in bid to stop spread of Omicron

4 months ago

The Government is determined to keep schools open next term but Omicron could still present huge problems

Schools could send entire year groups home as Omicron threatens staff shortages

5 months ago

Nadhim Zahawi: 'I am asking any teachers no longer in the profession to come forward if they are available to temporarily fill absences in the new year.'

Govt wants ex-teachers to return to classrooms and solve Omicron staff shortages

5 months ago

Schools in Hertfordshire are being asked to reintroduce face masks

Hertfordshire schools told to reintroduce face masks as Covid cases surge

6 months ago

Face-to-face learning will continue in the winter months.

'No plans whatsoever' for schools to close again due to Covid

6 months ago