Climate Change

Is climate change an emergency? That's what protesters are urging the government to declare.

Extinction Rebellion protesters staged two weeks of disruptive protests about the serious concerns they have about climate change, including air quality and the use of petrochemicals.

Climate Change: Latest News

Prince Charles said swift action was needed in response to the climate crisis

Climate emergency will 'dwarf' coronavirus crisis, Prince Charles says

Extinction Rebellion protesters have blockaded a printworks in Liverpool

67 arrested as Extinction Rebellion 'blockade' UK newspaper printing presses

The hazel dormouse - more closely related to a squirrel than a mouse - are endangered in the UK

Humans responsible for nearly every mammal extinction, study finds

A protester being carried away by police on Thursday

More than 300 arrests made during Thursday's XR protests in London

Extinction Rebellion: At least five arrested as climate change protests kick off in London

Ice sheets melting at 'worst-case scenario rate', research warns

Nick Ferrari questioned Robert Jenrick about the new coal mine

Nick Ferrari queries mixed messages over climate change and a new UK coal mine

Nick Ferrari questioned XR over their Home Office stunt

Nick Ferrari takes on Extinction Rebellion for digging up garden outside Home Office

Nick Ferrari had this message for Extinction Rebellion protesters

Enough Is Enough: Nick Ferrari's message to protesters outside LBC

Nick Ferrari had a very tense interview with an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson

Nick Ferrari's interview with an Extinction Rebellion spokesperson got very tense

Nick Ferrari is calling for greater powers for police over Extinction Rebellion protests

Nick Ferrari's Enough Is Enough campaign: Give police more powers to stop public disorder

President Trump labelled climate change activists "prophets of doom"

"It's a national embarrassment President Trump is being schooled by 17-year-old"

James O'Brien enjoyed his conversation with Michael

James O'Brien spots huge hypocrisy in caller's view on Brexit and climate change

People are focusing on Greta Thunberg's age to undermine her message, argues psychotherapist

'People focus on Greta Thunberg's age to undermine her message', argues pscyhotherapist

Extinction Rebellion have a new plan in the run-up to the election

Extinction Rebellion to set off fire alarms and air raid sirens for "12 days of crisis"

Natalie Bennett and Brendan O'Neill clash over Greta Thunberg

Former Green leader clashes with columnist over Greta Thunberg