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Alan Johnson said said Keir Starmer will be remembered in history as being "the saviour of Labour"

'Keir Starmer will be seen as the saviour of the Labour Party', says Alan Johnson

2 days ago

Dominic Raab winked at Angela Rayner during PMQs

'I will never unsee that': Dominic Raab mocked after winking at Angela Rayner

3 days ago

Sadiq Khan welcomed the news that the Met Police was being placed in 'special measures'

Next Met chief must 'get it' after force placed under special measures, Sadiq Khan says

4 days ago

Boris Johnson could face three defections to Labour, it has been claimed

Boris faces fresh backbench threat as three Tory MPs 'open talks to defect to Labour'

5 days ago

Sir Keir has been told to get off the fence over striking workers

'Get off the fence': Labour MPs defy Starmer over rail strikes amid 'simmering resentment'

7 days ago

Mark Serwotka says Sir Keir made a "catastrophic judgement" over the strikes

Starmer made 'catastrophic misjudgement' with picket line ban, says union chief

10 days ago

Andrew Marr said he would pay "good money" to see RMT leader Mick Lynch and Boris Johnson "go nose-to-nose"

Andrew Marr: I'd pay good money to see Mick Lynch go nose-to-nose with the PM

10 days ago

The Labour party has been divided into chaos as the largest rail strike for a generation caused severe disruption

Labour off the rails: MP's revolt against picket line ban as Starmer faces strike backlash

11 days ago

Alistair Darling speaks to Andrew Marr

Don't rise to Tory bait, the rail strikes are their fault, Alistair Darling tells Labour

11 days ago

Keir Starmer has pledged to resign if fined

Starmer sends back questionnaire over 'Beergate' as he promises to quit if fined

15 days ago

Sadiq Khan threatened to block the Met's next commissioner if they aren't a reformer

'I'll block next Met boss from the job if they won't reform it' Khan tells Patel

15 days ago

Len McCluskey said he did not believe Labour could win the next election.

Labour will lose the next general election, says Len McCluskey

16 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn said he wants to get in touch with YouGov over polling claims - despite them having been retracted

'I want answers': Jeremy Corbyn will speak to YouGov about Labour polling claims

20 days ago

Sir Keir and Boris faced off in the first PMQs since the no confidence vote

Starmer: '24 hours at A&E used to be a TV programme – now it's Boris's policy!'

24 days ago

Sir Keir said he would resign if fined by Durham Constabulary

'Everything is on the line' by offering to resign if fined says Starmer

1 month ago

Sadiq Khan is urging his civil servants to work from home two or three days a week.

WFH at City Hall as 90 civil servants told to apply for one of nine desks, LBC reveals

1 month ago