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Jeremy Corbyn manifesto launch

Labour's Manifesto: We Read It So You Don't Have To

Boris Johnson at Wednesday's PMQs

Starmer accuses Johnson of 'blocking proper inquiry' into Greensill lobbying scandal

6 days ago

Boris Johnson will be grilled by MPs at Wednesday's PMQs

Watch: Boris Johnson faces MPs at PMQs amid lobbying row

6 days ago

Emily Thornberry gave an impassioned response when asked if the UK had turned its back on the world

'Waving a flag and saying "Great Global Britain" is an empty gesture' - Emily Thornberry

12 days ago

London Labour is considering writing a formal complaint about Boris Johnson's comments

PM could face election rules complaint after attack on Sadiq Khan

13 days ago

Sources close to Sadiq Khan said he was willing to consider legalising cannabis.

PM rebuffs Sadiq Khan's plans to look into legalising cannabis in London

13 days ago

Former Prime Minister David Cameron is under fire for his use of contacts to lobby the government on behalf of Greensill Capital.

Labour demands tighter lobbying rules to tackle 'cronyism' amid Cameron controversy

15 days ago

Keir Starmer saved Labour from 'cult of far-left' Corbyn supporters

Keir Starmer saved Labour from 'cult of far-left' Corbyn supporters

16 days ago