Catherine Cargill was one of the first people to be offered a Covid booster jab

NHS worker becomes one of first to get booster jab as programme kicks off

2 days ago

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has apologised "unreservedly" for the crisis in the Scottish ambulance service.

Military may be brought in after 'man dies waiting for 40 hours for an ambulance'

2 days ago

A consultation is being launched on plans to make the Covid vaccine mandatory for health and social care staff.

Compulsory Covid jabs for all frontline health staff being considered by the Government

9 days ago

Sajid Javid told LBC's Nick Ferrari that the rise to National Insurance is a "very Conservative thing to do".

Sajid Javid brands highest tax hike since the war a 'very Conservative move'

10 days ago

The nurse shortage has meant cancer patients have had less support.

Nurse shortages in UK leave 'over half a million people with cancer unsupported'

11 days ago

The blog post has been directed at white people on the NHS Leadership Academy's website.

Senior NHS staff told to study 'white privilege' and 'not be defensive' in anti-racism blog

15 days ago

The drug could help prevent 55,000 heart attacks and strokes.

'Revolutionary': Life-saving cholesterol drug approved for use in England

17 days ago

Children as young as 12 could be offered the Covid vaccination.

Covid: 'NHS planning vaccine rollout for children from age of 12'

23 days ago

More than nine in 10 female doctors have experienced sexism at work, according to a report

More than 90 per cent of female doctors have experienced sexism at work - report

24 days ago

The Health Secretary has previously warned the NHS waitlist could rise to 13 million.

Record high of 5.45 million people now waiting for NHS treatment in England

1 month ago