Men in long term relationships with other men will now be allowed to give blood.

'Historic' NHS rule change allows more gay and bisexual men to give blood

7 days ago

Plans for a mass NHS data scrape have been pushed back amid privacy concerns

Government delays NHS data scrape by two months after privacy concerns

13 days ago

The situation "presents an extraordinarily dangerous risk" to the future of services, Jeremy Hunt has said

NHS staff burnout ‘extraordinarily dangerous’ for future of service, MPs warn

13 days ago

Alex Norris, shadow minister for primary care, is calling for plans to share NHS to be paused

Pause plans for NHS data sharing scheme, Labour urges

15 days ago

A woman received a colposcopy intended for someone else after the waiting room mix up

Waiting room mix-up sees wrong woman given invasive procedure

18 days ago

Top nurses claim Covid-19 guidance for NHS staff "falls short"

Top nurses claim new NHS Covid-19 infection advice 'falls short'

20 days ago

15 ways to get free legal advice: Legal expert Daniel Barnett explains

LBC Legal Hour: A guide to opting out of NHS data sharing

23 days ago

A record number of nurses and midwives joined the frontline

Record number of nurses working in UK but pressure on staff could see numbers drop

1 month ago

Nurse Jenny McGee arrives at Downing Street for a 72nd birthday celebration for the NHS in July 2020

Nurse who looked after Boris Johnson resigns over Govt handling of Covid-19 crisis

1 month ago

10 million people in England have been told to isolate since the pandemic began

Over 10m people told to self isolate since pandemic began, new figures show

2 months ago