More than nine in 10 female doctors have experienced sexism at work, according to a report

More than 90 per cent of female doctors have experienced sexism at work - report

1 month ago

The Health Secretary has previously warned the NHS waitlist could rise to 13 million.

Record high of 5.45 million people now waiting for NHS treatment in England

2 months ago

The NHS waiting list in England could soar to 14 million next year, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said.

NHS waiting list in England could soar to 14 million next year, report warns

2 months ago

The number of coronavirus patients admitted into English hospitals on July 31 was the lowest since July 16

Covid-19 hospital admissions in England may have peaked - figures

2 months ago

Emergency services were called to Trafford General Hospital after it was stuck by lightning on Wednesday afternoon

Trafford General: Staff and patients evacuated after hospital struck by lightning

2 months ago

Amanda Pritchard will be the first woman to hold the position

Amanda Pritchard appointed as new Chief Executive of NHS England

2 months ago

Health leaders have warned that the NHS is facing pressure of an "overall" similar level to January

NHS is as stretched now as it was in January – health leaders

2 months ago

More emergency workers will now be able to avoid self-isolation guidance

More emergency workers to avoid self-isolation as testing in England expanded

3 months ago

The Government has been under increasing pressure to give NHS staff a pay rise

'A bitter blow': Nurses criticise Government's 'shambolic' 3 per cent pay rise offer

3 months ago

Respiratory viruses could result in the NHS being under added pressure this winter.

NHS warned to prepare for winter as report claims up to 60,000 could risk dying from flu

3 months ago