NHS staff tend to a Covid patient on an intensive care ward in Merseyside.

NHS chief urges people to keep following covid rules to get through 'winter hump'

6 months ago

The new advert sees Santa rushed to hospital, where he experiences the care of NHS staff.

NHS Christmas Advert: Santa rushed to hospital in emotional charity ad

6 months ago

Hospital numbers will only be marginally impacted by the arrival of a coronavirus vaccine, the medical officers said

Covid vaccines will have 'marginal impact' on winter hospital numbers, UK CMOs warn

6 months ago

A mural depicting NHS nurse Melanie Senior, based on a photograph by Johannah Churchill.

More than a third of doctors think tier system will have no impact

7 months ago

Jeremy Hunt suggested glitches are inevitable while the UK expands its testing capacity

People 'shouldn't read too much' into missed Covid cases, Jeremy Hunt says

8 months ago

The NHS is facing a "triple whammy" of threats caused by the coronavirus pandemic

NHS facing 'Covid-19 triple whammy', report warns

8 months ago

Caller highlights glaring flaw in NHS App framework

Caller pleads with Health Secretary to 'sort out' NHS app to allow him to work again

8 months ago

England and Wales's coronavirus contact tracing app has finally launched

NHS Covid-19 app launches in England and Wales

8 months ago

Concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of the NHS Covid-19 app

Serious questions about NHS Covid-19 app 'left unanswered' ahead of launch

8 months ago

Restrictions on care home visits are expected to be announced

Coronavirus: Restrictions on care home visits to be imposed as part of winter plan

9 months ago