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Shelagh Fogarty Boris Johnson

Muslim Woman Bursts Into Tears As She Scolds Boris Johnson Over The Burka

1 day ago

Muslim Journalist Tells Sheila: The Niqab "Is Foundationally Anti-Democratic"

Muslim Journalist Tells Shelagh Fogarty: The Niqab "Is Foundationally Anti-Democratic"

4 days ago

Sahar Al-Faifi insists the face veil is not oppressive

Muslim Woman Hits Back: “My Niqab Isn’t Oppressive, It’s A Devotion To God”

5 days ago

Shelagh Fogarty's fear of snakes became very apparent during an RSPCA interview

The Best Reactions From A Terrified Shelagh Fogarty During Snake Interview

6 days ago

Lord Eric Pickles called on Boris Johnson to apologise

Lord Pickles Backs Calls For Boris To Apologise Over Burka Remarks

6 days ago

Dr Johan Rockstrom joined Shelagh Fogarty on Tuesday

Climate Change: What A “Hothouse” Earth Would Really Look Like

7 days ago

Lord Bach warned of the consequences of a no-deal Brexit to policing and security

Police Commissioner Warns No-Deal Brexit Could Spark "Crisis"

7 days ago