'I would want a refund': Caller slams 13 years of rule by privately-educated Tories

11 January 2023, 17:13 | Updated: 11 January 2023, 17:15

13 years of privately educated Tory rule

By Danai Nesta Kupemba

This caller becomes heated in a discussion about state versus private schools, saying if the intelligence of the Tory government is reflective of independent schools that she "would want a refund".

The perennial debate around private education continues to rage, with the Labour party saying they would revoke the charitable status that many independent schools enjoy.

A caller to Shelagh Fogarty's show took a hardline stance against private schools on the topic, saying: "I think all children deserve the same chances in life."

She argued that it is not fair that some children have more advantages than others simply because of "life circumstances".

The caller said that some children may never reach their full potential because of "food banks, domestic violence or their parents don't have enough money".

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She added that even though some parents can afford to send their children to private school it doesn't automatically mean they are better.

The caller didn't stop there and slammed the government, as the majority of Rishi Sunak's cabinet and Tory members of parliament attended private school.

"After watching 13 years of this government, if that's intelligence - I would want a refund. If that's the best these public schools give to society, I would want a refund," she said.

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The caller stressed that some children have the potential but it's never realised because state schools don't have the resources to nurture the talent.

"Somebody could be fantastic at cricket, but never make it to the top. But if you're in a private school, there is your cricket field," the caller said.