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Sir Keir Starmer: The latest news

Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer has told the England team that they have "made the country proud" before their crunch Euros final against Spain on Sunday.

'Bring it home': Keir Starmer sends message to England team ahead of showpiece Euros final against Spain

Alastair Campbell has praised the start of the new government - and it's leader

Alastair Campbell praises start of new government and notes Keir Starmer already looking 'more confident'

Biden ‘on good form’ during chat, says Starmer, as PM dismisses criticism that President isn't fit to run for second term

Biden ‘on good form’ during chat, says Starmer, as PM dismisses criticism President isn't fit to run for second term

Starmer pledged aid to Ukraine for 'as long as it takes'

Britain will spend £3 billion a year helping defend Ukraine for ‘as long as it takes’ to defeat Russia, Starmer pledges

Keir Starmer says Britain's prisons are worse than he had first thought

Britain's prisons are 'shocking' and 'worse than thought' as emergency plan to come in days, vows Starmer

The US President described the UK as the "best of allies"

Joe Biden calls US and UK 'best of allies' as he meets Prime Minister Keir Starmer at Nato summit

Actor George Clooney has called for Joe Biden to step aside in the presidential race

George Clooney joins calls for Joe Biden to drop out of 2024 presidential race

Starmer has said his age restrictions for the Lords should not reflect on Joe Biden

Delay candidacy decision until after Nato, former House Speaker Pelosi tells Biden, as Starmer defends President

Starmer has said his age restrictions for the Lords should not reflect on Joe Biden

Starmer says new Lords retirement age of 80 ‘shouldn’t reflect’ on Biden ahead of first meeting with US president

Sir Keir is facing calls for clarity over when his government will boost defence spending

Keir Starmer arrives at NATO summit, as Tories demand to know when government will boost defence spending

Keir Starmer has flown to the NATO summit

Keir Starmer urges NATO to ‘unite’ to 'Trump-proof Ukraine aid' ahead of US election

Sir Keir Starmer will kick back a key decision on when Britain will spend more cash on defence

Keir Starmer to kick back defence spending decision at NATO summit in first foreign visit as Prime Minister

Sir Keir Starmer has addressed the House of Commons for the first time as Prime Minister

Keir's Class of 2024: Starmer welcomes new MPs in first Parliamentary speech as Prime Minister

Starmer is facing mounting pressure to increase defence spending

'We could only fight for a month': Starmer told to raise defence spending after Russia bombs children's hospital

Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer has told Palestine's president Mahmoud Abbas that his state has an 'undeniable right' to be recognised as part of a Middle East peace process.

Starmer says recognition of Palestine is an 'undeniable right' in call with territory's president Abbas

Keir Starmer is embarking on a UK-wide trip

Keir Starmer to call for ‘better way of working’ on UK-wide trip, as he turns to key Blair ally to fix ‘broken’ NHS

Sir Keir Starmer described the plans as a 'gimmick'

Tories' Rwanda deportation policy 'dead and buried', PM Sir Keir Starmer confirms

Keir Starmer has defended the appointment of James Timpson as prisons minister

Prisons minister James Timpson thinks 'only a third of prisoners should be behind bars', as Starmer defends appointment

British Prime Minister Keir Starmer delivers a speech following his first cabinet meeting as Prime Minister, in London, Saturday July 6, 2024. (Claudia Greco/Pool via AP)

Keir Starmer rules out surprise tax rises as he vows to take 'tough decisions for the whole country'

Keir Starmer is said to have scrapped the Rwanda scheme

Charity boss hails Keir Starmer's move to scrap 'shameful' Rwanda plan immediately after General Election win

"So I welcome you to it - we have a huge amount of work to do, so now we get on with our work," Sir Keir Starmer declared.

Keir Starmer holds first cabinet meeting as PM says Labour has a 'huge amount of work to do'

US President Joe Biden has spoken to newly-elected Prime Minister Keir Starmer

Joe Biden looks forward to strengthening 'special relationship' as he congratulates Keir Starmer on becoming PM

Sir Keir met with the King.

Historic moment King Charles welcomes Keir Starmer as Prime Minister - after Labour's landslide victory

Angela Rayner and Rachel Reeves were the first two appointments made to Sir Keir's cabinet.

Starmer unveils new cabinet as he appoints Angela Rayner deputy prime minister and Rachel Reeves as chancellor

Keir Starmer's first speech as Prime Minister in full.

In full: Sir Keir Starmer’s first speech as Prime Minister

Keir Starmer has delivered a valiant first speech as Prime Minister.

‘Now we rebuild Britain’: Triumphant Keir Starmer delivers first speech as Prime Minister as he vows to deliver change

Sir Keir Starmer declared "we did it" as Labour swept to power following the General Election, as senior Tories including Liz Truss and Jacob Rees-Mogg lost their seats.

‘We did it’ says Starmer: Labour sweeps to power as senior Tories including Truss and Mogg ousted in election bloodbath

Britain's Labour Party leader Keir Starmer delivers a speech during a victory rally at the Tate Modern

‘We did it’: Starmer says Britain has chance to ‘get its future back’ as Labour wins election

Keir Starmer vowed to deliver change

Keir Starmer promises change as he says it's 'time to deliver' in victory speech

Labour may have to raise inheritance tax, an adviser to Rachel Reeves has warned

Labour may have to hike inheritance tax or raid pensions in 'unpopular' move, Rachel Reeves' adviser admits

Starmer said the row is 'ridiculous'

Keir Starmer criticises 'desperate' row over plan to spend Friday evenings with family if he becomes Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer are entering the final days of the campaign

Sunak’s last-ditch plea to voters: deliver hung parliament to stop Labour ‘supermajority’