Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak: The latest news

Rishi Sunak has warned the economy is about to get worse before it gets better

Rishi Sunak warns 'the economy will get worse before it gets better'

Rishi Sunak's furlough scheme has been extended through to April

Government urged to publish list of furlough scheme companies

Rishi Sunak spoke with Nick Ferrari this morning

England awaits details on Covid tiers like 'Netflix series,' Chancellor tells LBC

Senior Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell told LBC he is "dismayed" at Rishi Sunak's pledge to cut foreign aid

Andrew Mitchell: UK 'broke its promise' to world's poorest with foreign aid cut

Lionel Barber has told LBC's Eddie Mair that Tory MPs should "take a chill pill" over spending

Lionel Barber tells Tory MPs to 'take a chill pill' over £394bn of borrowing

Chancellor Rishi Sunak gave his Spending Review on Wednesday

Cost of Covid: Public sector pay freeze as Sunak declares 'economic emergency'

Rishi Sunak will reveal the Covid crisis' impact on public finances, predicts economist

Rishi Sunak will reveal the Covid crisis' impact on public finances, says economist

Rishi Sunak will be setting out his financial plan for the country on Wednesday

Spending Review: Chancellor to set out UK's Covid recovery plan tomorrow

Police Federation Vice-Chair Che Donald spoke to LBC's Swarbrick on Sunday.

Police Federation tells LBC a pay freeze by Rishi Sunak would be a ‘slap in the face’

Increasing Capital Gains Taxes could pay for the Covid debt, a report commissioned by Rishi Sunak has suggested

Rishi Sunak contemplating raising middle-class taxes to pay for Covid debt


Watch LIVE: Rishi Sunak to announce new Covid economic support

Chancellor Rishi Sunak issued a warning over a second national lockdown while speaking in the Commons

Second national lockdown would be 'enormously damaging', chancellor warns

Labour has accused Rishi Sunak of introducing Thatcherite economic policies

Labour: Sunak's economic policies are throwback 'to worst days of Thatcher'

Rishi Sunak has been criticised by members of the Scottish Government

Rishi Sunak 'should not be able to decide what is a viable job'

LBC's Ben Kentish writes will Rishi Sunak's latest measures will be enough to keep the economy going?

Ben Kentish: Questions remain over whether Rishi Sunak's measures are enough

Rishi Sunak has announced a raft of new measures to try and keep as many people earning as possible

Chancellor Rishi Sunak's job support scheme - everything you need to know