Best of 2022: 'Until I broke the law, people didn't listen to me!': Eco-protestor tells Shelagh Fogarty after prison time

24 December 2022, 16:30

'Until I broke the law people didn't listen to me!'

By Hannah Holland

This exchange from May 2022 saw Shelagh Fogarty speak to Insulate Britain campaigner, Emma Smart, about her extreme methods of protest.

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The conversation came after Ms. Smart took part in an eco-protest which blocked the M25, causing fury among motorists.

Ms. Smart informed Shelagh that “none of us want to disrupt people” before explaining that her and her fellow demonstrators “refuse to be bystanders”.

“Until I broke the law, until I actually went to prison, people didn’t listen to me”, said the protestor, who received a four month prison sentence for causing disruption on the motorway.

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