Shelagh's Spot-On Response To Caller Who Says Muslims Worry Him

8 February 2017, 15:24

Shelagh Fogarty Startled

Peter says he's not worried about white supremacists - but is worried about Islamic extremists. Shelagh's response shows up some pretty big holes in that logic...

Peter in Wiltshire had a lot to get off his chest when he phoned Shelagh to talk about the risk posed by white terrorists.

For Peter, it's nothing compared to the risk of Muslim terrorists.

"I don't walk out in the street - and I don't think anybody else does - nobody walks out and worries about any of these white supremacist organisations.

"They don't b***y exist!"

But for Shelagh, his argument missed some key points - including that Jews, Muslims, black people and others might not find it so easy to brush off the threat of the far right.

"It depends who you are," she told Peter, about fearing attacks from white extremists.

"Maybe if you're a white British man you don't. But you might as a Jewish person, you might as a Muslim person, you might as a black person, you might as a gay person."