Best of 2022: Shelagh Fogarty caller slams previous caller's outrage over the rail strikes in spiralling takedown

28 December 2022, 16:30

'Do you want me to carry on? I can carry on'

By Hannah Holland

This is the moment in 2022 when a caller phoned in to Shelagh Fogarty to share her outrage by an “ignorant” previous caller who was "appalled" by the rail strikes.

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The exchange between Shelagh and this caller, Sam, took place in June, after more than 50,000 rail workers took to the streets to protest in response to disputes over pay.

This caller, Sam, rang in June to slam a previous caller who had expressed how “appalled” she was by the strike action.

Sam branded the previous caller an example of “the very ignorant British public that haven’t done their homework before coming on to speak to you”, before proceeding to highlight what she deemed the truly “appalling” facts.

“In 2021, the Network Rail CEO Andrew Hayes took home over 3 times the salary of the Prime Minister in this country, £585,000, that’s appalling!”

In an escalating rage, Sam asked: “Do you want me to carry on? I can carry on!”

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