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Nick Ferrari - Latest Clips

Hear Nick Ferrari interview David Cameron on Thursday

David Cameron Speaks To Nick Ferrari: Thursday From 7am

2 hours ago

Cressida Dick confirmed more officers will be given tasers

Time For Tasers: Met Police Commissioner Confirms More Officers Will Get Devices

5 hours ago

Shami says UK democracy is broken and needs a written constitution

Shami Chakrabarti Says UK Democracy Is 'Broken' And Needs A Written Constitution

6 hours ago

Nick Ferrari spoke to one of the protesters from Luxembourg

Luxembourg Protester Calls LBC To Reveal What REALLY Happened In Johnson Press Conference

7 hours ago

Cressida Dick looking at the hidden knife

Nick Ferrari Hands Illegal Knives Disguised As Lipstick To Met Police Commissioner

8 hours ago

Knives disguised as combs and lipstick available to buy

Knives Disguised As Combs And Lipsticks Available For Sale Via Instagram

10 hours ago

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick was live in the LBC studio

Call The Commissioner: Cressida Dick On LBC - Watch In Full

10 hours ago

Nick Ferrari heard from a man behind this Brexit flag protest

Man Who Handed Out EU Flags At Last Night Of The Proms Calls LBC To Defend Campaign

1 day ago

Nick Ferrari grilled Rory Stewart about his constituency

Rory Stewart Asked Why He's Fighting Brexit When His Constituency Voted Leave

4 days ago

Nick Ferrari spoke to Rory Stewart

Ring Rory: Rory Stewart Grilled By LBC Listeners - Watch In Full

4 days ago

Nigel Evans insisted Yellowhammer is Project Fear on steroids

Operation Yellowhammer Report Is Project Fear On Steroids, Says Tory MP

5 days ago

Nick Ferrari Takes On Trade Unionist Over Corbyn’s Worker’s Rights Pledge

Nick Ferrari Takes On Trade Unionist Over Corbyn’s Worker’s Rights Pledge

6 days ago

Nigel Farage spoke to Nick Ferrari

Nigel Farage Reveals His Price For Standing Aside For Boris Johnson In General Election

6 days ago