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Nick Ferrari - Latest Clips

Prue Leigh was speaking to Nick Ferrari

Prue Leith Reveals Her Hilarious Encounter With Hospital Food

2 days ago

Nick Ferrari heard Greggs are planning vegan versions of their top products

Greggs Planning Vegan Versions Of ALL Their Favourite Products, CEO Reveals

2 days ago

Nick Ferrari asked who would implement a hard border in Northern Ireland

Nick Ferrari Tells German MEP: There Will NOT Be A Hard Border In Ireland

2 days ago

Nick Ferrari is angry about the closure of King's Cross

Nick Ferrari Blasts Train Bosses Over King's Cross Closure For Bank Holiday Weekend

2 days ago

A German business leader urged the EU to do a deal with the UK

German Business Leader Urges EU To Allow UK To Control Own Immigration

3 days ago

Nick Ferrari spoke to Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage Warns Brexiters: Boris Johnson Wants A Theresa May-Type Deal

4 days ago

Nick loved talking to Sheila

Listeners Labelled This Inspirational Dementia Sufferer "The Best Caller Ever"

5 days ago

Nick Ferrari's interview with a lawyer got very heated

Nick Ferrari's Furious Row With Lawyer Who Doesn't Want Police To Have Tasers

5 days ago

Nick Ferrari grilled James Cleverly over the settled status scheme

Nick Ferrari Asks Tory Chairman: Why Do EU Citizens Need Settled Status?

5 days ago

Nick had a robust discussion with an anti-meat campaigner

"People Will Lose Their Jobs Because Of You" Nick Ferrari Tells Smithfield Protester

6 days ago

Nick Ferrari challenged Sarah Wollaston over her move to the Lib Dems

Nick Ferrari Tells Defected Lib Dem MP Sarah Wollaston She Should Hold A By-Election

10 days ago

Nick Ferrari's interview with Richard Braine was labelled "extraordinary"

Nick Ferrari Takes On The New Ukip Leader In "Extraordinary Interview"

11 days ago

Nick Ferrari spoke to Jolyon Maugham

Nick Ferrari Grills Jolyon Maugham, The Man Trying To Stop No-Deal Brexit

11 days ago