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Jacob Rees-Mogg

Tory To My Toenails: Rees-Mogg Dismisses Suggestion He'll Quit Conservatives

2 hours ago

Nick Ferrari, Jeremy Corbyn, and Tom Bower

Corbyn Will Abolish Free Elections If Made Prime Minister: Exposé Author

3 hours ago

Jacob Rees-Mogg was critical of the government's policy on EU citizens

Ring Rees-Mogg: Jacob Rees-Mogg's Phone-In: Watch In Full

5 hours ago

Yvonne Ridley told Nick Ferrari the Isis schoolgirl should be allowed back

Ex-Taliban Captive Says Isis Schoolgirl SHOULD Be Allowed Back

2 days ago

Nick Ferrari was very clear that he didn't want Shamima Begum to return

Nick Ferrari: Absolutely No Way Should Isis Schoolgirls Return

3 days ago

Nick Ferrari spoke to Dr Kim Howells about the Isis schoolgirl

Former Counter-Terror Minister: Returning Isis Schoolgirl Showing No Remorse

4 days ago

Stephen Barclay was giving his response to reported comments made by the PM's chief Brexit negotiator

Delaying Brexit Would Be “Hugely Damaging To Democracy”, Says Brexit Secretary

4 days ago

Nick Ferrari wouldn't let this Labour activist get away with saying there is no anti-Semitism issue

Nick Ferrari Tackles Labour Activist Who Denies Anti-Semitism Problem

6 days ago

Andrew Pierce clashes with Labour Party member of Jeremy Corbyn expose book

Andrew Pierce Clashes With Labour Party Member Over Corbyn Expose Book

7 days ago

Nick Ferrari

This 15-Year-Old's Argument On Climate Change Is So, So Impressive

7 days ago

Could GCSEs be a thing of the past?

Conservative MP Calls For GCSEs To Be Scrapped

7 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn signs his letter to Theresa May

Why Brexit Supporters Won't Accept Corbyn's Customs Union Proposal

7 days ago

Nick Ferrari wearing a spit hood

Nick Ferrari Makes Brilliant Point About Why Using Spit Hoods Is The Right Decision

10 days ago