Body cameras will not be offered to Asda staff, Lord Rose has said.

No body worn cameras for Asda staff, says Lord Stuart Rose

Gails Chairman Luke Johnson tells Jick Ferrari that shoplifting is 'barbaric'.

'I don't believe anybody has to steal to survive': Gail's chairman gives his views amid shoplifting epidemic

Andy Burnham on ticket office closures

'U-turn' required to halt rail ticket office closures, demands Greater Manchester Mayor

From Train Strikes to Poisoned Water - A Country in Disarray

Brits endure headache after headache amid transport failure, decrepit schools, poisoned water and doctors strikes

Caller on ULEZ

'This is the day London's economy will die': Caller vents as ULEZ expansion is implemented

Nick Ferrari

'Spain sends its Queen and we send the Culture Secretary', criticises Nick Ferrari ahead of World Cup final

Nick Ferrari caller on grading

'How do you prepare someone for that?' Irate dad vents frustrations as grading returns to pre-pandemic levels

Nick Ferrari

'There was definitely no rioting': Caller defends social media yobs after Oxford Street chaos

Nick Ferrari

'Absolute hatred!': Mother of four discusses Ulez after Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan clash

Nick and caller moses

'Why not treat them as human beings?': Caller defends Diane Abbott's controversial migrant tweet


'If I was that desperate, I'd live in a tent in Trafalgar Square': Debate erupts as Nick Ferrari callers contest migrant comments


'I am a mum and a woman who was extremely let down': Myleene Klass 'extremely proud' of updated miscarriage law

Migrants who refuse to get on board the boat face losing government support

Migrants who refuse to board Bibby Stockholm barge 'face losing government support'

The initial tranche of 15 people boarded the barge which is moored in Portland.

Charity lawyers ‘block’ transfer of 20 migrants onto Bibby Stockholm as barge labelled ‘inhumane’ amid first boarding

The initial tranche of 50 people have begun boarding the barge which is moored in Portland.

First 15 migrants board Bibby Stockholm: Flanked by police single men move onto the controversial barge

The initial tranche of 50 people have begun boarding the barge which is moored in Portland.

First migrants board Bibby Stockholm asylum barge after Government confirm initial 50 will arrive today

The Bibby Stockholm accommodation barge at Portland Port in Dorset, which will house up to 500 people.

First migrants arrive at Bibby Stockholm asylum barge after minister assures LBC 'it is a safe place'

Virgin Atlantic

Wife of Virgin Atlantic pilot details 'horrendous' working conditions, with many suffering 'fatigue' and 'insomnia'