Nick Ferrari confronted Kwasi Kwarteng this morning

'We could be losing billions': Minister challenged on quarantine for those jabbed abroad

Kwasi Kwarteng: I wouldn't take the knee - it's not addressing the issue

Kwasi Kwarteng: I wouldn't take the knee - it's not addressing the issue

The Business Secretary was speaking on Call the Cabinet

'It's not a great look': Business Secretary reacts to Boris isolating on freedom day

Rachel Johnson was speaking ahead of 'freedom day'

'Seriously?!' Rachel Johnson says PM and Chancellor should not be self-isolating

Ex-Cop hits out at police who 'don't care about normal crime'

Ex-cop says police are 'too busy policing Covid crime to deal with things that matter'

Nick Ferrari challenged the minister

'Riot police checking a child is self-isolating, does that make you proud to be British?'

The app has causes woe for thousands

The NHS app is 'wrecking the economy', Lord Bilimoria says

Covid testing bureaucracy 'making our lives hell', GP reveals

'Total discrimination': Private GP reveals how Govt bureaucracy hinders Covid testing

Nick Ferrari questioned the minister over the proposed sugar tax

'How is adding £180 to people's food bills levelling up minister?'

The former footballer was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari

PM's plan to ban football racists from matches branded 'grandstanding, but good start'

Malta rejecting visitors with Indian AZ doses is likely 'misunderstanding', says Transport Secretary

Shapps: Brits with India-made AstraZeneca vaccine turned away by Malta 'misunderstanding'

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps backed the Mayor's plans for maks

Transport Secretary 'welcomes' TfL plans to continue mask wearing after July 19

The MP was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari on the decision to release Colin Pitchfork

Tory MP brands Colin Pitchfork release 'deeply regrettable'

Lisa Nandy takes on Nick Ferrari over foreign aid cuts

'I'm criticising you!': Nick Ferrari clashes with Lisa Nandy over foreign aid cuts

Steve Barclay told LBC the scenes at Wembley won't affect the World Cup bid

Wembley scenes won't get in way of 2030 World Cup bid, Cabinet minister tells LBC

The Minister was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari

Minister says some businesses will use vaccine passports for 'comfort' of customers

The professor was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari

Sage member calls for government to explain benefits of mask wearing to public

Health Minister Ed Argar was speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast

Health Minister will still carry mask even when legal measures lifted