Caller describes terrifying moment he heard gunshots as two Palestinian attackers open fire in Jerusalem

30 November 2023, 08:01

Caller Sol woke up to gunshots in Jerusalem this morning

By Georgina Greer

Caller Sol rang Nick Ferrari at Breakfast from Jerusalem to describe the moment he heard gunshots "100 meters" from his building as he fed his child.

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Sol told Nick: "It was just the ring of gunfire, and my wife and I looked at each other, like 'okay, I hope this isn't what it was six months ago when there was a bomb at that bus stop'".

"Then it got more intense, which I believe was a soldier coming out of a car and shooting back," he recalled.

At least two people have reportedly died and eight others are wounded, according to Israeli police, as two Palestinian attackers opened fire at a bus stop during rush hour at the entrance of Jerusalem.

"Two terrorists arrived at the scene in a vehicle armed with firearms, these terrorists opened fire towards civilians at the bus station and were subsequently neutralized by security forces and a nearby civilian," Israeli police said.

Police are reportedly searching the area to ensure there are no other attackers.

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Sol told Nick: "There is a lack of sensitivity to what actually happened here [on October 7th], people don't understand what it is to live".

"People back in England need to give Israel the space it needs to protect itself".

"Everyone thinks they can dictate what happens in the Middle East in general, I think people need to let Israel do what they need to do," he continued.

"People should come and live in Jerusalem, see how it is, going to meet your friends every day and saying 'Oh, did anyone get killed this morning?'"

"People need to be more respectful," he concluded.

An ongoing ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has been extended minutes before it was due to end.

The pause has now lasted for six days as Hamas hostages continue to be released in return for Palestinian prisoners.