Taliban fighters have been enforcing the group's strict law

'Very necessary': Amputating hands as punishment will return, Taliban's enforcer says

3 hours ago

Police are after information on a man who carried a red object

Sabina Nessa: Police hunt man 'carrying red object he may have been concealing'

6 hours ago

The Lancet has been criticised for publishing a quote with the phrase "bodies with vaginas"

Prestigious medical journal under fire for using 'dehumanising' phrase 'bodies with vaginas'

8 hours ago

Pharmacies have warned of delays to medicine deliveries

Driver shortage: Now pharmacies complain medicine deliveries are being delayed

9 hours ago

Angela Rayner said the party "must become the government our nation deserves"

'Time's up - the racket's over': Angela Rayner takes aim at Tories over contract spending

11 hours ago

There has been an aircraft accident at Teeside International Airport.

Aircraft accident in Teesside leaves three people in hospital and runway closed

12 hours ago

'Stop being stupid!' NHS worker urges Brits to stop panic-buying fuel

'Stop being stupid!' NHS workers urge Brits to stop panic-buying fuel

12 hours ago

Drivers have been picking up jerry cans of petrol as large queues continue.

Drivers pack cars with jerry cans and £30 cap introduced as panic-buyers scramble for fuel

14 hours ago

The SnowDome in Tamworth, where the 12-year-old boy tragically died.

Boy, 12, dies after suffering serious injuries at indoor ski centre

17 hours ago

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy speaking during a leadership hustings event for the Labour Party, at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

Starmer comes under fire over potential new party reforms ahead of Labour conference

17 hours ago

Angela Rayner spoke to LBC live from the Labour party conference in Brighton

HGV shortage: Govt 'created this crisis' through inaction, Angela Rayner says

18 hours ago

Panic-buyers have flocked to petrol stations across the UK over fears of a fuel shortage following a lack of lorry drivers.

Govt looking at temporary visas for lorry drivers as panic-buyers gridlock petrol stations

19 hours ago

Emergency service workers are being recognised to mark the Queen's jubilee.

Frontline workers to be awarded medals to mark Queen's Platinum Jubilee

1 day ago

The royal has accepted the papers for the lawsuit.

Prince Andrew accepts service of legal papers for sexual assault lawsuit

1 day ago

Jame Brown glued himself to a plane in protest.

Court jails star Paralympian for gluing himself to plane

1 day ago

Hundreds of people have gathered to pay their respects to Sabina Nessa

'My world has shattered': Sabina Nessa's sister breaks down as hundreds gather at vigil

1 day ago