A major incident has been declared in London

London 'major incident' - what does it mean, do I have to wear a mask outside?

9 days ago

Oxford coronavirus vaccine: The latest results and trial updates revealed

Oxford Covid vaccine information: From how many doses you need to live vaccine facts

11 days ago

LBC Presenter Dean Dunham explains the rules of the new Covid lockdown

Dean Dunham's guide to England's Covid lockdown number 3

13 days ago

Boris Johnson will hold a coronavirus press briefing later today

Coronavirus UK: What time is Boris Johnson's press conference today?

13 days ago

What are the different lockdown rules across the UK?

What are the different lockdown rules across the UK?

13 days ago

A new national lockdown has been introduced in England

National lockdown: What are the new rules for England?

13 days ago

Boris Johnson is expected to announce further lockdown measures later tonight

Is England going into a third national lockdown?

13 days ago

The Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved for use in the UK

What is the difference between the Oxford and Pfizer Covid vaccines?

19 days ago

44 million people in England will be in Tier 4 from 00.01 on 31 December.

Coronavirus: Which new areas have entered Tier 4 in England?

25 days ago

The new Covid variant has spread across the UK despite Tier 4 restrictions.

New Covid strain: Where is the new variant in the UK and where did it come from?

26 days ago

France has closed its borders to UK travellers

UK coronavirus travel restrictions: Which countries have banned UK flights?

28 days ago

Clinically vulnerable people in Tier 4 will need to shield

Tier 4 shielding guidance: Who needs to shield and can people go to work?

28 days ago

A new strain of coronavirus is behind rising infections in the UK

New coronavirus variant: What is the new strain and are there different symptoms?

29 days ago