Rishi Sunak facts: Height, wife, children and policies revealed

27 February 2023, 14:00 | Updated: 9 October 2023, 14:56

Rishi Sunak outside 10 Downing Street
Rishi Sunak is a former Chancellor of Exchequer and Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Picture: Alamy

By Zoe Adams

Prime Miniser Rishi Sunak is the first Asian leader the UK has ever had and is also one of the youngest - but what else do we need to know about him? Background, age and where he's from revealed.

Rishi Sunak officially became the UK's new prime minister following Liz Truss' shock resignation after just 45 days.

During his short reign so far he's had to deal with the cost of living crisis, soaring energy bills and most recently adapting the Northern Ireland Protocol as part of a fresh Brexit deal.

Following a tough time for politics, Rishi has also faced growing demands for pay rises across industries including the NHS and trains and will continue to deal with plenty of backlash and criticism.

But as the face of the conservatives and the UK, we take a look at Rishi Sunak's background including his wife, children and parents.

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Here's all the important facts about the PM including his height and net worth.

Rishi Sunak with budget outside number 10
Rishi Sunak famously pulled together the Eat Out To Help Out scehem. Picture: Alamy

How old is Rishi Sunak and what's his background?

Born on May 12, 1980, Rishi is currently 42 years old.

He has been a member of parliament since 2015 where he was an MP for Richmond and has served in roles including Chief Secretary to the Treasury and the Chancellor of Exchequer while Boris Johnson was PM.

As the Chancellor during the coronavirus pandemic, some of his most recognised work is the furlough scheme and the Eat Out To Help Out programme.

Following his education, Rishi worked at investment bank Goldman Sachs before moving into hedge fund management and becoming partner in The Children's Investment Fund Management.

When he was 29, he also helped start a private investment firm called Theleme Partners and has worked with his father-in-law, and billionaire N.R Narayana Murthy, as a director of Catamaran Ventures.

Where is Rishi Sunak from and where does he live?

Rishi is originally from Southampton but now has a portfolio of impressive houses including his large home in Kensington.

During family breaks, it's thought Rishi and his family retreat to their Manor House in North Yorkshire. They also own a property in Santa Monica, California, and a flat in central London.

Sunak and European Commission president to hold face-to-face talks on protocol

How tall is Rishi Sunak in feet?

Rishi is 1.7m which is 5ft 7inches in height. The PM's height has become quite the talking point for many who follow his career as he falls two inches below the average height for a man in the UK.

What school did Rishi Sunak go to?

Mr Sunak studied at the prestigious Winchester College Oxford where he read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He then took his education a step further and went to Californian to earn an MBA as a Fulbright Scholar. He did this at Ivy League college, Stanford University.

Who are his parents?

Born to Hindu parents of Punjabi descent, Rishi's father is Yashvir and his mother is Usha.

Yashvir was born and raised in Kenya and worked as a general practitioner in the NHS, while his mum was born in Tanzania and worked as a pharmacist and running a local pharmacy.

The MP is the eldest of three siblings.

Who are Rishi Sunak's wife and children?

Rishi married his wife, Akshata Murthy, in 2009 where they had a two-day wedding ceremony in Bangalore. She runs her own fashion label, Akshata Designs, and is also a director of venture capital firm founded by her dad.

Akshata is the daughter of billionaire N.R. Narayana Murty, a co-founder of IT company Infosys.

Together the couple have two daughters, Krishna and Anoushka.

Rishi Sunak married his wife in 2009
Rishi Sunak married his wife in 2009. Picture: Alamy

What are his policies and what has he voted for?

When Sunak was running against Liz Truss for PM following Boris Johnson's resignation, Rishi put immigration and the NHS at the top of his agenda. However, he now has more of a financial crisis on his hands.

He has committed to the UK's Rwanda scheme and has hinted at replicating this scheme in other countries.

Sunak has also spoke of linking migration with foreign policy - countries who collaborate with the UK on the return of migrants would be rewarded with aid, trade and visas.

Another proposed idea is to charge the public £10 for missed GP appointments in order to help the huge NHS backlog following the pandemic.

Previously, Rishi was a strong leaver for Brexit and has always voted in favour of tightening immigration laws and rising the higher rate tax bracket.

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