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Labour has slammed the Tory record on crime as the party vows to 'reinstate the rule of law' if it wins power this year.

'We will reinstate the rule of law': Labour attack Tory crime record after Truss jabs on Supreme Court

Starmer and Sunak went head-to-head in the first post-Easter PMQs session

Starmer accuses Sunak of promising £46bn unfunded tax cut as he taunts PM about Liz Truss’ new book at PMQs

Rishi Sunak faced a rebellion over his proposed smoking ban

Rishi Sunak's flagship smoking ban clears first Commons hurdle despite facing Tory revolt

'I'm ashamed to say Nick, I started smoking when I was 12' Tory MP reveals

Minister who reveals she started smoking at 12 says she's not interested in freedom argument against ban

This guest told LBC he was against Rishi Sunak's smoking ban because 'everybody dies in the end' and the NHS should 'price in' the cost of dealing with sick Brits.

'The NHS is there to make you healthy' guest dismisses smoking ban as 'everybody dies in the end'

From Sue Gray to Nick Clegg: The bizarre list of people Liz Truss is blaming for her own failures

From Sue Gray to Nick Clegg: The bizarre list of people Liz Truss is blaming for her own failures

Liz Truss 'bugged' Boris Johnson while had Covid

Liz Truss admits she kept 'bugging' Boris Johnson in hospital when he was recovering from Covid

The former prime minister Liz Truss joined Iain Dale for a wide-ranging discussion ahead of the release of her new book

Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey should resign over response to mini-budget, Liz Truss tells LBC

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak mocks Liz Truss for claiming to have been 'sabotaged' by the UK's 'deep state'

Jeremy Hunt is said to have had an 'awful' meeting with Sir James Dyson

Jeremy Hunt told James Dyson that he 'should try being an MP himself' during 'awful' meeting

Sadiq Khan has accused Rishi Sunak of 'enabling' Islamophobia

Sadiq Khan accuses Rishi Sunak of 'enabling anti-Muslim hatred' in the Conservative Party

Oliver Dowden said Lee Anderson 'didn't mean to be Islamophobic'

Deputy PM says Lee Anderson 'didn't intend to be Islamophobic' by saying that Khan was controlled by Islamists

Keir Starmer called Lee Anderson's comments Islamophobic

Starmer says Sunak is harbouring 'extremists' among Tories as Lee Anderson suspended following Islamist claim

Lee Anderson has been suspended for his comments about Sadiq Khan

Lee Anderson suspended from Conservative Party after claiming 'Islamists have control of Sadiq Khan'

Rishi Sunak has been urged to strip Liz Truss of the Conservative whip

Labour urges Rishi Sunak to strip former PM Liz Truss of Conservative whip after claim of 'deep state sabotage'

Liz Truss launching the Popular conservative group

Liz Truss 'PopCons' comeback: Former PM says Britain is full of "secret Conservatives" at new group launch

The foreign secretary said that the victory is testament to Taiwan's "vibrant democracy".

Britain congratulates Taiwan's pro-independence candidate in presidential vote

Liz Truss

Liz Truss supporters given honours in resignation list, as Labour slams awards as 'slap in the face'

Labour is pledging to bolster the power of the UK's economic watchdog to prevent a repeat of what it's calling the "disastrous mistakes" of Liz Truss's mini-budget.

Labour vows more power for budget watchdog to avoid another Truss 'disastrous' mini-budget

The former PM’s best-paid gig was £80,000 for a speech in Taipei in June for the Prospect Foundation.

Liz Truss rakes in £250k in speaking fees since leaving office earning more in one speech than most Brits do in a year

Ben Kentish and Danny Blanchflower

'Incompetent clown': Economics Professor lambasts Liz Truss' Institute for Government speech

LBC's Andrew Marr on Monday

Andrew Marr: Even after mortgage spikes and market meltdowns, could there really be a way back for Liz Truss?

'Egregiously awful': James O'Brien reacts to Liz Truss' premiership as ex-PM defends time in No.10

'Egregiously awful': James O'Brien reacts to Liz Truss' premiership as ex-PM defends time in No.10

Liz Truss defended her record in government in a speech on Monday

Liz Truss denies 'crashing the economy' as she refuses to apologise to mortgage holders after mini-budget fallout

Liz Truss will urge Rishi Sunak to cut taxes and slash benefits spending

Liz Truss urges Rishi Sunak to cut taxes, slash benefits and raise the retirement age as she defends record in No10

This speech comes almost a year after her mini-budget.

Liz Truss to claim mini budget would have saved Britain £35b as she defends disastrous time in No 10

Liz Truss resigned after 44 days as prime minister following the failure of her government's mini-budget

'I don't think it's funny': Liz Truss says being compared to a lettuce was 'puerile' after 44-day stint as PM

Former Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King tells Andrew Marr the UK’s reaction to Liz Truss’ premiership was ‘a bit hysterical’

'No one got hurt': UK’s reaction to Liz Truss’ premiership was 'a bit hysterical', former Bank of England governor says

The price of bonds has fallen even lower than when Liz Truss announced her mini budget.

UK in ‘trickier position than when Truss and Kwarteng crashed economy’ as price of bonds plummet, says Andrew Marr

Liz Truss has branded China "the largest threat that we face to the free world"

Treat China as a 'threat' to national security, Liz Truss warns Rishi Sunak during trip to Taiwan

Former Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has been asked to foot a £12,000 bill

Liz Truss insists she will 'pay for missing items' from luxury government house after being billed £12,000

Liz Truss was prime minister for 49 days, but has the right to nominate people for peerages

Liz Truss 'nominates four close supporters for peerages' as part of resignation honours from 49-day stint as PM