From Sue Gray to Nick Clegg: The bizarre list of people Liz Truss is blaming for her own failures

15 April 2024, 14:09 | Updated: 15 April 2024, 21:11

From Sue Gray to Nick Clegg: The bizarre list of people Liz Truss is blaming for her own failures
From Sue Gray to Nick Clegg: The bizarre list of people Liz Truss is blaming for her own failures. Picture: LBC

By James Perkins

Ten minutes into her interview with Iain Dale, Liz Truss reels off her dozenth excuse.

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“The Conservatives had already been in government for twelve years. It’s harder to get things done at that point.”

And that’s basically how the interview goes for an hour. It’s everyone’s fault but mine.

She blames the Bank of England for her mini-budget and she blames Gordon Brown for the Bank of England. She blames the lefty media for her negative press and she blames ‘fashionability’ for the lefty media.

Sue Gray, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, trans activists, quangos - the list is endless.

Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister has absolutely no self-awareness. Her tenure was a disaster and may well lead to the destruction of her entire party. But you wouldn’t think that listening to her.

She paints a heroic picture of ‘it was me against the world’ without any sense of irony. This is a woman who stumbled into the top job without an election and had the full backing of the press and the majority of her party.

But she tries to depict herself as the victim of some almighty system set up against her. In reality, the system was set up in such a uniquely perverse way that she was able to become prime minister in the first place.

She was rubbish. Everyone in the country knows she was rubbish. Before today, I thought that even she knew she was rubbish. But this interview is next-level gaslighting.

She tries to convince us she was the one sane voice in a world blighted by bureaucracy and wokery.

But in reality, she was the least qualified lunatic in the asylum - somehow got the keys - immediately lost them - and now she’s trying to sell a book to the people she’s screwed over.

If she had any shame she’d have gone into hiding. Instead, she’s trying to position herself as a wronged omniscient so she can crack America!

It’s unbelievable and the compounding insult is that she can still claim £115,000 a year from us for the privilege of putting ‘former prime minister’ on the cover of her books.

The Conservatives are facing wipeout this year and the biggest culprits aren’t Boris Johnson or Rishi Sunak. It’s Liz Truss. But if her interview is anything to go by, you’d think she’s the least blameworthy person in the country.

A system that affords Liz Truss something of a comeback truly is broken. So I guess she did get something right. But the system is certainly not broken in the way she thinks it is.

In the middle of this narcissistic marathon of gaslighting, Truss insists that we need to be ‘honest’ with the public about ‘what we got right and what we got wrong’. The answer of course, in order, is nothing and everything. You cocked up. You don’t get a second go. Go and start a podcast in America and keep your policies away from us.

“You will get some terrible reviews for this book from people who haven’t even read it,” Iain Dale predicts. If her interview is anything to go by, you can add this to the list.

Iain Dale speaks to Liz Truss