'Can you be trusted with London?' Susan Hall refuses to apologise as she stands by Tube 'pickpocketing' claims

6 December 2023, 09:45 | Updated: 6 December 2023, 09:51

Susan Hall has doubled down on claims she was pickpocketed on the Tube
Susan Hall has doubled down on claims she was pickpocketed on the Tube. Picture: LBC/Alamy

By Emma Soteriou

Tory London mayoral candidate Susan Hall has doubled down on her claims that she was 'pickpocketed' on the Tube.

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Speaking during a call-in on LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast, Ms Hall refused to apologise for saying she had been pickpocketed - despite none of her cash or cards having been stolen when her wallet was returned to her.

"The truth of the matter is, I got on the Tube at Westminster with my card, got off at Pinner, didn’t have it," she said.

"Given that crime on the underground has gone up 50%, I truly believed that I had been pickpocketed."

When asked if she wanted to revise her story, Ms Hall said: “No, because I don’t know what happened to it genuinely.”

"Isn't it the reality it fell out of your pocket?" Nick asked.

"I don't know," Ms Hall said.

"If you can’t be trusted with your wallet, Susan Hall, why can you be trusted with London?" Nick challenged.

"I was very luck, I got my property back but thousands of people don’t," she said.

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'Why does the word Conservative not appear on your posters?' Susan Hall grilled

Ms Hall claimed she had £40 in cash and her Oyster card taken from her at the end of November after she was "shoved" on the Metropolitan line between Finchley Road and Pinner at about 2pm.

The wallet was returned to her later that afternoon by a member of the public with the money still inside.

She said the incident showed crime was "completely out of control" in London under Mr Khan's administration.

"I wanted to bring attention to the fact that we must be very, very careful," she went on to tell Nick on Wednesday.

Ms Hall repeatedly insisted that she had no idea what really happened to her wallet and would therefore not revise her statement.

"It's the truth," she said.