Sadiq Khan has hinted that drivers could be charged £5.25 to use the Blackwall Tunnel and Silvertown Tunnel

Sadiq Khan hints that drivers could be charged £5.25 to use Blackwall Tunnel and Silvertown Tunnel

The Commissioner was speaking at an event with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

‘We can’t wait another six months’: Met Chief urges phone companies to take action to prevent thefts

Starmer was glitter-bombed at the start of his speech on Tuesday

'I was not going to let that idiot stop me': Keir Starmer says he was determined to carry on after speech glitter-bombing

Sir Keir Starmer said Israel has the right 'to do everything that it can' in the current conflict

Israel 'has the right' to withhold power and water from Gaza, says Sir Keir Starmer

Angela Rayner said she thought she was going to 'do a full John Prescott' after the protester accosted Sir Keir

Angela Rayner says she 'nearly did a full John Prescott' on protester who poured glitter on Keir Starmer

Tonight with Andrew Marr on Tuesday

Andrew Marr: After Starmer's conference speech, it's no longer possible to question what Labour stand for

Starmer promised to reform the police

Keir Starmer says Labour would 'take back our streets' as he promises 'decade of national renewal' if elected

The protester was led out of the conference hall by police after he threw glitter on Sir Keir

Screaming protester glitter-bombs Keir Starmer after storming stage during Labour leader's conference speech

Yvette Cooper says she doesn't always feel safe walking alone at night

Yvette Cooper reveals she doesn't always feel safe walking home at night

Leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer

Starmer vows 'decade of national renewal' as he pledges to 'fix' Britain after 13 years of Tory rule

'This is not a good time for antisemitism’: Dame Margaret Hodge worried by antisemitism across the UK after Hamas attack

'This is not a good time for anti-Semitism’: Dame Margaret Hodge worried by Jewish discrimination after Hamas attack

Sadiq Khan and James O'Brien

Sadiq Khan declares there is 'no place for anti-Semitism' in London as kosher restaurant in Golders Green attacked

Rachel Reeves said Labour will 'rebuild Britain'

Reeves hopes for a ‘game changer’ with her speech packed with ‘red meat’

Rachel Reeves has Labour wants to "rebuild Britain”

Rachel Reeves pledges to 'rebuild Britain' and is backed by Mark Carney in Labour conference speech

Rachel Reeves unveiled its package of measures to speed up infrastructure projects at Labour's conference in Liverpool

Rachel Reeves unveils plan to speed up infrastructure planning to revive economy as Starmer warns against complacency

Rayner set out the plans in Liverpool earlier today

Rayner slams Tories on houses and hints at Labour plan after Starmer warned party to not 'get giddy' on poll lead

Starmer has unveiled his plans today as he seeks to launch his policy base for the next general election at the Labour conference in Liverpool

Starmer unveils £1.5bn plan for weekend doctors as he warns party to not 'get giddy' on poll lead at conference

Keir Starmer and new Labour MP Michael Shanks

Triumphant Keir Starmer says Labour "blew the doors off" as he celebrates Scottish by-election win